40 Basic photography tutorials for beginners

Photography tutorials for beginners: Photography is an activity that is in existence since the invention of camera. However, it has emerged as an art form over the years. While in earlier days, photography was a part of hobby for people, now day’s photography is a full-fledged career. People go for various courses to master over the art form. There is a huge demand for photographers in the market. Be it in the advisement world, fashion industry, media, and online market or more, photography plays an important role. With the passage of years, the camera in itself has undergone various chances that enhance the art form all the more. There are digital cameras and high power lenses that have the capability to capture photos with different perspectives with better quality and clarity. Photography comes to a person with passion, knowledge and practice. If you are passionate about photography, you can go for various courses and gain the required knowledge for photography – understanding over lenses, camera, light and photos. You can also go through various online Photoshop tutorials in order to expand your knowledge on photography and experience better photography. There are various websites that provide good Photoshop tutorials for beginners. Here is a handpicked collection of best Photography tutorials for beginners. Explore this gallery of 40 basic photography tutorials for beginners and get started with your real life experience in photography. Now turn an expert from a beginner through this collection of 40 effective Photoshop tutorials!


1) 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits [Visit]



2) Aspect Ratios in Landscape Photography [Visit]


3) Learning about Exposure – The Exposure Triangle [Visit]



4) Aperture and Shutter Priority Modes [Visit]



5) Understanding Histograms [Visit]



6) Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) [Visit]



7) Using EXIF Data [Visit]



8) 11 Tips for Beginner Photographers [Visit]



9) Shutter Release Technique [Visit]



10) Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography [Visit]



11) How to photograph the moon – DSLR camera settings [Visit]



12) A beginner’s guide to bird photography [Visit]



13) Digital SLR camera settings for windy conditions [Visit]



14) How to photograph water reflections [Visit]



15) Composition tips for landscape horizons [Via]



16) Sunset Photography Tips [Visit]



17) DSLR camera settings and tips for taking city landscapes at night [Visit]



18) What is ISO setting on your digital SLR (DSLR) camera and how do you use it [Visit]



19) Long Exposure Night Photography – Step By Step Guide [Via]



20) How to Take Compelling Self-Portraits [Visit]



21) Bokeh & The Basics of Film Photography [Visit]



22) Creative Use Of Light room [Visit]



23) Crop Or Full Sensor & What’s White Balance [Visit]



24) Flash Alternatives & The Basics Of Film Photography [Visit]



25) Lightroom – The Print Module [Visit]



26) How To Use Presets Light room [Visit]



27) How to Use Props in Your Photography [Visit]



28) How to Create High Contrast Portraits [Visit]



29) How to Correct Portraits in Harsh Sunlight in ACR and Lightroom [Visit]


30) Understanding Focal Length [Visit]



31) How to Capture High Impact Urban Portraits [Visit]



32) White Balance Tutorial [Visit]



33) How to Get an Awesome Panoramic Photo [Visit]



34) Wedding Reception Venue Photography Tutorial [Visit]


35) Wedding Dress Photography Tutorial [Visit]



36) How You Shot Grass Field Portrait [Visit]



37) A Beginner’s Guide to Family Portrait Photography [Visit]



38) The Basics of Better Moon Photography [Visit]



39) How to Make Fantastically Fun Jack ‘O Lantern Photos [Visit]



40) How To Take Photos That Require No Post-Production [Visit]

Photography tutorials for beginners

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