35 Fantastic Examples of Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both  pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects, in this type of photography there is a lot to learn about placing the subject evenly and taking perspective shots of the structure in many possible ways. In this post we have listed some of the best shots that are taken recently by some talented and newbie photographer but these photos still look stunning and I would definitely like to try these soon. Architectural photography is very interesting to try as we can find many subjects around us. I would definitely like to try this weekend and hope it will match the images given below. Go ahead and ENJOY!

1)  Grand Mosque of UAE, The Sheikh Zayed Mosque.



2)  Dubai Marina.





3)  Roofs.



4)  Former Glory.



5)  Reflections.



6)  Walls and Bricks.



7)  Travelling up.



8)  Old Temples.



9)  The Bridge.



10)  Stuttgart.



11)  Craving for Saviour.



12)  Wings of Rise.



13)  Elliptical Stairs.



14)  Curves.



15)  …Praha IV….



16)  It’s History Now.



17)  l’Étoile.



18)  U-KWP III.



19)  One of Those days.



20)  SilverGiant.



21)  Sleeping halls.



22)  Tunnel Vision.



23)  Abandoned Castle.



24)  Silent Glory.



25)  Sun Curve.



26)  Cyclists.



27)  Big Brother.



28)  BRICKS.



29)  Sunrise over the Taj Mahal.



30) Wasserschlößchen.



31)  After the Rain.



32)  Twilight Empyrean.



33)  The Lamp.



34)  The Largest Clock Tower in the World.

35) Bows.
35 Fantastic Examples of Architectural Photography
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