25 Amazing Caves Around the World

25 Amazing Caves Around the World: Caves have always thrilled me and I am always on the hunt for the caveman since childhood, there are plenty of caves around the world that have their own importance. In this post “25 Amazing Caves Around the World” I have listed some of the best caves that should be visited and these caves look dangerous but they are cool, for I am an adventure lover and I want to go to these caves soon. I was amazed when I came across some beautiful caves around the world and here I listed them together with a wikipedia link in it for you to learn about the caves. Some genius photographers have put their effort behind these photos so I personally thank them for these wonderful pictures they shared. These caves are gigantic and dark and should be visited with supervision of some expert, there might not be cavemen in there but these caves serve house to many species. Go ahead and enjoy these caves!

1) Cathedral Cave,Newzeland. [Wiki]


2) The Sea Lion Cave, Lane County, Oregon. [WIKI]


3. Reed Flute Cave, Guilin China. [Wiki]


4) Manjang Cave, Jeju Island, South Korea. [Wiki]


5) Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico. [Wiki]


6) Fingal’s cave, Scotland. [Wiki]


7) Glacier-Base-Cave, Greenland. [Wiki]


8) Lava Tube Cave, California. [Wiki]


9) Niah Caves on Borneo, Malaysia. [WIki]


10) Cangoo Caves, South Africa. [Wiki]


11) Caves of Nerja in Andalusia,Spain. [Wiki]


12) Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Bhubaneswar, India. [Wiki]


13) Garcia Caves in Monterrey, State Nuevo Leon, Mexico. [Wiki]


14) Cave Walkabout in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, U.S. [Wiki]


15) Rosh Hanirika Cave, Israel. [Wiki]


16) Onyx Cave, Arkansas. [Wiki]


17) Cave Point, Door County, Wisconsin,U.S. [Wiki]


18) Smoo Cave, Durness, North Scotland. [Wiki]


19) Glacier Cave on Perito Moreno,Janvier. [Wiki]


2o) Cave of Wonders in Christchurch, New Zealand. [Wiki]


20) Concert Hall of Postojna Cave, Slovenia. [Wiki]


21) Hang En Cave, Vietnam. [Wiki]


22) Crystal Cave, Bermuda. [Wiki]


23) Melissani, Kefalonia Island,Greece. [Wiki]


24) Glacier Cave,Alaska. [Wiki]


25) Borra Caves,Ananthagiri hills,India. [Wiki]

25 Amazing Caves Around the World

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