10 Simple Tips for Photography of Family

10 simple tips for photography of family:  A family photograph is always a treasure to behold. What better way to capture the emotional and close moments of a family than a family photograph. However, gone are the days when photography of family was just about posing restricted pictures of family members who try to smile looking seriously at the shutterbugs? Today, photography of family is beyond just capturing faces; it is about capturing moments between individuals, the love they share and the care that binds them into a family. When all these things are in stake, sit is very obvious that the photographer needs to acquire knowledge, experience and tips to master over the art. Let’s have a look at some of the 10 simple tips for photography of family that will provide you better insights on the art form.


  1. Do not restrict them into a pose

As mentioned earlier, photography of family is not just about capturing faces but emotions. The best way to get that is by asking the members to stay real. Do not worry if they are not posing the right way. In fact do not restrict them into a pose.

  1. Get beyond uniformity

One of the common things that photographers pursue while capturing family photograph is by arranging the heads into same levels. But one needs to go beyond this uniformity in order to capture the fun involved within a family.

  1. Capture each family face

Though you are not maintaining a uniform scale, make sure that you do not miss out any of the family member in the photograph. Capture each family face and make each of them a part of the fun to be highlighted in the photograph.

  1. Just have fun

Ask the entire family to have fun; running, playing, dancing etc. can be good ideas. Unless you want a family portrait, do not go for formal family photographs. Ask them to have fun and capture them in their real self.

  1. Try with continuous shots

With the advent of various high capture lenses and quality cameras, you can keep your camera in continuous flow mode and capture photographs continuously. This gives you a chance to capture the real moments with a better hand and also helps you during hours of editing.

  1. Take care of the lights

When you are trying to capture a fun moment of family, try to keep the light natural. Even if it is artificial lights, make sure that each face is getting equal amount of light to keep the photograph balanced and beautiful.

  1. Is the theme decided?

After the photographs are taken, you wonder that a spark is missing and that is because you have not chosen a perfect setting and a result of undecided theme. Always make sure, you decide a theme for the photograph before you click one.

  1. Connect with the Background Color

Make sure that all the members in the photograph are dressing with colors that complement the background and at least are not adversities. However, the tip is to complement the color and not to match it exactly.

  1. Zooming is not a bad idea at all

When you are trying to capture emotions in a photograph, there can be no better tip than zooming. Zoom in and capture the bonding between the members. Make sure that the members are not conscious while you do the same.

  1. At times limit your creativity

You need to be creative while asking them to pose for the photographs but with groups poses at times can really go awkward. To avoid the same, make sure you are limiting your creativity to minimum to keep the family photograph simple and beautiful.


Enjoy these 10 simple tips for photography of family and try your own hands in capturing the best shots!

10 simple tips for photography of family

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