10 Most Common Do’s And Don’ts While Taking Family Photography

“You don’t take a Photograph, you make it” – Ansel Adams

The above quote states it very well; a photograph has to be made and not just taken. One needs to be not just comfortable in handling the camera but also be aware of the facts about photography. A photograph is a memory to treasure for lifetime and therefore while capturing a photograph, many things needs to be understood and considered. Family photography is one of the popular forms of photography and while capturing family photography, understanding the do’s and don’ts are really helpful. Here’s a list of 10 most common Do’s and Don’ts while taking family photography.



  1. Do match. While capturing a family photograph, make sure that the family to be photographed needs to have something to match about. For example: the colors, the theme, the dress etc. The idea behind this is to have something in sync.

  2. Dressing by the theme. Here, theme means background. A photograph is a lot defined by the background and therefore, the family members to be photographed should be advised to dress up by the theme.

  3. Being free. Ask the family members to be free and not to bind themselves as they are posing for a photograph. There is a difference between family photograph and family portrait. The members can be lively while posing for a photograph.

  4. Do interact. Being bossy doesn’t work well with photography. One needs to interact and understand what the members are comfortable with while capturing a family photograph.

  5. Do experiment. Art has no boundaries and photography is definitely one. One needs to be experiment and play around with their thoughts to capture a family milestone.



  1. Don’t be matchy matchy. When it is told earlier to match, it means to be in sync and not to be like mirrors. For example: when it is referred similar color, it is meant same pallets and not pink pink and blue blue but something that compliments each other.

  2. Don’t focus everything. Just because the background has a beautiful house does not mean that one need to focus at it. After all, it’s a family photograph and one needs to focus on family faces and not everything.

  3. Don’t be lights unlimited. It is important to capture a family photograph that looks real and not a flashy image with bright lights. Being natural is the best way out here.

  4. Don’t overspread. It is advisable to ask the family members to be at their best lively mood but that doesn’t give them the freedom to overspread hugely. One should not stretch while capturing but it should be natural and for that the setting should be fun yet not overspread.

  5. Don’t pose. Ask the members to be them and not imitate others because posing might not be correct for a family photograph. As a photographer, one needs to capture the family moment and the real self within a photograph.

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