10 Brilliant Tips For Newborn Family Photography

A newborn completes a family and a newborn family photograph frames that perfect moment of joy and togetherness. Photography is a creative art form that demands not just creativity but also knowledge and in hand experience. Knowing the camera doesn’t make one a talented photographer, but acquiring skills towards brilliant photography does it. Newborn family photography is a sub-genre of family photography. This genre includes photographs of moments when a newborn enters into a family. For a couple, birth of a baby is the most special moment when they are moving from a couple to a complete family. The same emotion needs to be captured within newborn family photography. Here are 10 brilliant tips for newborn family photography that will help you achieve the same.


  1. Plan, Pose and Click

It’s true that creativity doesn’t always emerge out of planning, however with newborn family photography, things are a bit different. You need to plan the action before capturing the moment. You are dealing with a newborn baby and you need to plan the action accordingly. Plan in advance, advise a natural pose and then click the perfect moment.

  1. Wrapping and Unwrapping

A newborn baby is a delight to capture in photographs and you need to explore ways of doing it. Two of the best ways is to wrap and unwrap. Try capturing photographs with baby wrapped in cloth or blanket and also capture some clips keeping the baby naked, but not to forget to keep the room warm.

  1. A Perfect Set Up

While capturing newborn family photography, it is important to build in a perfect set up. The moment is of freshness and happiness and the same needs to be reflected in the setting, be it through background color or the set up.


  1. Play with the Angles

A newborn will not be able to give you different poses and therefore it depends on your ability to play around with the camera and angles and to play it creatively.

  1. Try Few Macro Shots

Macro shots of a newborn are priceless. You can try a few macro shots to capture the innocent baby within different close-up clicks.

  1. Capture the Emotions

While clicking newborn family photography, it is very important to capture the emotions and connections between the parents and the newborn. The love, care and bonding needs to be recreated in a photograph.

  1. Bring in the Props

You can bring in various props like baskets, pillows, furs, soft toys, newborn accessories and more to enhance the charm of a newborn photograph.


  1. Lighten up naturally

While capturing newborn family photography, you need to ensure the natural effect of the moment and the click. Do not overdo in lighting and try to keep it natural, so that the same is captured which is ideal for newborn family photography.

  1. Keep Play Toys Close

To ensure that the newborn is not disturbed by the camera or stays in a playful mood, make sure that you have enough play toys to keep the baby’s mind and focus into it.

  1. Keep Mom Closer

More than play toys, keeping the mother of new born baby closer is even more important so that the baby feels secured while you capture the best moments of affection and love.

These are 10 brilliant tips for newborn family photography for you to try and experience.

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