Amazing Couple Photography In Iceland – Love this

A country located just shy of the arctic circle on the cusp of the atlantic and the arctic oceans but warmed to a comfortable temperate climate by the Gulf Stream torrents is Iceland. A dreamscape of active and dormant volcanoes, glacier capped mountain peaks, lava fields and glacial rivers that drain into the warm waters

Outstanding Pictures of Snakes you have never seen before!

1) Specious Peace author: Ingo Dumreicher   2) Parotsnake Author: kuntha   3) Boiga Cyanea Baby Author: Henrik Vind   4) Something that the Cat brought In Author: Roeselien Raimond   5) Friends Author: Geza Farkas   6) Green Mamba Author: wosch   7) ll Wound Up Author: Bob Mumford   8) Leptophis Ahaetulla, Parrot