30+ Award winning collection of wildlife photography

Passionate wildlife photographers, unlike those in other branches such as fashion and portraits, face life away from civilization for most of their working life, uncertainty of results, and real danger to their persons as occupational hazards. So he is generally more than an artiste trying to find the best expression for his work and seeking

Vintage colored photos of America 1939-1943

Here is a selection of photographs from the collection of the Library of Congress that was curated for an exhibition titled Bound for Glory in 2006. The deck of photographs presents a slice of history of the US when the country was pulling itself out of the ‘Great Depression’ with Franklin D Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Excellent examples of animal photography

Expecting the unexpected, Patience with timing, Right tools at the right place and skills to bring all this together into one picture, is a art known to only animal photographers. Sitting for hours at the same location, ever-ready and waiting for that perfect shot with right shutter speeds, good exposure and perfect focusing creates the
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