Wow This is Mindblowing – The first International Drone Photography Awards

1) 1st Place – capungaero Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia

What a wonderfully apt picture – the Indonesian national symbol as well as that of Indonesian Airlines- Garuda Pancasila!



2) 2nd Place – jericsaniel Manila, Philippines

Drone looks at interesting sights – it is normal. Drone being looked at as interesting? Very interesting!!



3) 3rd Place – Drone Capture System Annecy, France

A rainbow caught on the bridge across the river Fier in the Venice of the Alps!



4) 1st Prize (People’s Choice) – postandfly Tamul Waterfall

Rio Gallinas drops down in a majestic cascade into Rio Santa Maria and the rapids begin Rio Tampaon.



5) 2nd Prize (People’s Choice) – jams69 sanary sur mer

Tiny Mediterranean beaches, sunny yet very cool, Mistral off the Rhone Valley at gale force = Paradise?



6) 3rd Prize (People’s Choice) – Svetlin Marinov Sofia, Bulgaria

Fireworks at the stadium, fans firing off anything they had, spectacular centenary celebration indeed!