Most Weird Cabinet designs that will leave you thinking why

If you are in a middle of furnishing your room or kitchen, you should definitely give more thought about the design of the cabinet and its placement. A cabinet always introduces an exclusive décor to the room. It is the source of first impression for a visitor and an all day experience for a resident. Browse through some of the most unique and vivid cabinet designs that might seem weird and tempting at the same time.

10. The beaver Cabinet is out of the wild and into the civilized woods, carving all around the wood just leaving enough space for a few drawers.


9. A TNT bomb planted by Tom just goes Kaboom splitting the wholesome cabinet into a Boom cabinet!! It’s a fresh and unique design for cabinet structuring…


8. The Brian might seem leaning but it’s going to keep your stuff straight in line.


7. With the curved, smoldering looks from Cindy… you just wanna get her home.


6. Even a crack can be cracked perfectly.


5. The Jack in the Box might seem jumpy at first but he will settle down soon.


4. They are knee deep in hip-romance, forever together.


3. Looks like large Carmel chocolate that is melting onto your floor tempting you to bite into its shelves.


2. When you miss you’re aim, you have nothing but an Oops Cabinet.


1. A companion is all that you need, for your bro-talks, for your depressing talks, and your birthdays. He will sit beside and support you and never let you waste time searching him…