Amazing collection of typography designs

Typography is certainly one of the most amusing elements of graphic designing which is used in web designing, album art, graphic posters and any other form of graphic designs. In the first five pictures, you will see use of dark colors such as brown, black and grey for background. Then multi colours have been used

The most interesting collection of Cinemagraphs – woah

New York based photographer Jamie Beck and Visual Graphics artist Kevin Burg have created an image that is part cinematograph (movie to the vocabulary-challenged!) and part photograph and named it ‘Cinemagraph’. What it is a still photograph incorporating moving elements. The duo wanted something novel for their coverage of the New York Fashion Week, 2011,

Beautiful Print design ideas for inspiration

Looking to brand or market something? Amuse or persuade someone, explain or demonstrate something, no more verbal communication, it is time for some visual communication. Carry your identity with a poster or a letter, create a business logo or a magazine ad, in one word go for graphic design. It is an era of viral

Fantastic poster design ideas

A technical stuff or an organizational brand, a promotion or a presentation, the only way to hit the target audience is a creative mind, a focused design, impactful and consistent thought, all condensed into a brainy Poster Design. Probably the only best opportunity to present an idea and capture the attention, if words can’t speak
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