Upcoming skyscrapers you would definitely like to visit

Modern day Skyscrapers used to be the prerogative of a couple of countries once and advancements in computing and technology made building even taller skyscrapers possible across the world.

With buildings taller than 300m called as ‘Supertalls’ and 600m as ‘Megatalls’, there are a lot of interesting structures coming up around the world. At 1001m tall Mubarak al-Kabir Tower in Kuwait is being built as the centrepiece of the upcoming City of Silk. However the first one to beat Burj Khalifa would be Sky City in Hunan province of China which will stand 838m tall slated for completion by June 2014.  The Zhongguo Zun under construction in Beijing will be the tallest building in the city at 528m tall upon construction. The Ping An Finance Centre in Guangdong will be one of the tallest at 660m high when it gets completed in 2016. Another one is Goldin Finance 117 tower in Tianjin that will be 597m tall upon completion in 2015. Shanghai Tower will be another megatall in China with 632m when it gets completed in 2015.

A crowded city like Jakarta will host the Peruri 88 tower which will have apartments, hotels, offices, retail outlets, amphitheatres and sports and recreational activities once completed. Another tower called Signature Tower which has a height of 638m is being already planned which will have offices, malls and hotels. Some of the tallest buildings in the world were built by Korean companies and Lotte World Tower in capital Seoul of South Korea will be 555m high that includes offices, retail outlets and hotels. The Abu Dhabi Plaza in Kazakhstan is planned as a mini-town with many towers of different heights with the tallest standing at 382m. Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia will be 1000m if the project gets the green signal. There are other new entrants from Argentina, Russia and India also.

1) Image Credit SkyscraperCity

Mubarak al-Kabir Tower, Subiya, Kuwait



2) Image Credit Huffington Post

Sky City, Changsha, Hunan, China



3) Image Credit MVRDV

Peruri 88, Jakarta, Indonesia



4) Image Credit SkyscraperCity

Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea


5) Image Credit SRSSS

Signature Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia


6) Image Credit SkyscraperPage

Zhongguo Zun, Beijing, China


7) Image Credit Foster+Partner

Abu Dhabi Plaza, Astana, Kazakhstan


8) Image Credit Daily Mail

Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


9) Image Credit SkyscraperCenter

Ping An Finance Centre, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


10) Image Credit SkyscraperCity

Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg, Russia


11) Image Credit Bussiness Insider

Goldin Finance 117, Tianjin, China


12) Image Credit One WTC

One World Trade Center, New York, United States


13) Image Credit Bussiness Insider

Wuhan Greenland Center, Wuhan, Hubei, China


14) Image Credit SkyscraperCity

GIFT Diamond Tower, Gandhinagar, India


15) Image Credit The World Towers

World One, Mumbai, India


16) Image Credit SkyscraperCity

Buenos Aires Forum, Buenos Aires, Argentina


17) Image Credit Forbes

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China


18) Image Credit Pentominium

Pentominium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


19) Image Credit ArchDaily

Chicago Spire, Chicago, United States.


20) Image Credit Architecture Scope

Seoul Light DMC Tower, Seoul, South Korea.