This artist does a fantastic job by digitally repainting on top of classic disney movie stills

Tyson Murphy is an artist with Irvine, California based Blizzard Entertainment Company which designs, develops and publishes video games. Murphy is the Lead Character Artist on their popular title World of Warcraft.

His hobby is an extension of his day-job. To earn his bread and butter, he creates characters and animates them for the video games. For a hobby he does something marginally different. At Blizzard his job includes outlining the Concept Art that is make tentative first sketches, creating the Sprites (animated figures that float over static scenes without disturbing them) and developing the 3D models.

For his hobby, Murphy picks out stills from animated movies and improvises on them using techniques of digital painting. What he does resemble in its output what the photo realistic artists do but not in the technique employed. The latter take a number of photographs and mix and match images, moods, ambiance to suit their needs and paint them, with actual paints and on various media, to look as realistic as photographs. Whereas, Murphy takes a sketch that has been a frame of an animated movie and  paints them over digitally to make the colors and features smoother, sharper and better defined, adds movement (for example – the falling leaves and the transient clouds in the ‘101 Dalmatians’ frame below), builds in effects of dappled light and shadow and makes them look realistic – but not photo realistic because the images are in the class of impressionistic –humans with exaggerated features and the background features with indistinct margins.

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The Sword In The Stone



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101 Dalmatians


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Story about his son MAX


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