Sneak peek inside the V8 automotive themed hotel | I was blown away

With the advent of technology, hotels have become adept in implementing creative ideas and themes. One such hotel which has implemented the automotive theme to design each of its room uniquely is the V8 automotive hotels situated in Stuttgart,Germany. V8 automotive themed hotel is built exclusively for vintage classic cars. It is a retreat for vintage car lovers. The hotel is built within the limits of the former Boblignen airport wherein one half of the airport is built as the hotel retaining the tower, and the other half is converted into a car museum named as the Motor world. The hotel boasts of 34 rooms, out of which 10 rooms are based on different automobiles and the rest, are single/double rooms and an exquisite tower suite. The tower suite has all the amenities like kitchen, swimming pool, sauna and a roof top deck to enjoy the sun during the day. The hotel has WiFi internet facility and a brewery restaurant with one of the best beer collections ever. The hotel will be a paradise for the crazy auto lover.

Here are few pictures showing the interiors of the hotel.

The exterior of the V8 hotel in white color with four stars at the entrance gives it a classic look with two vintage sedans welcoming you. Red carpet welcome!


A vintage Mercedes car is converted as a bed with white spreads and car cleaning brushes are hung as decorative pieces. Resembles a car wash area.


The walls in the room have been painted to make it look like a star studded night sky and a vintage car has been made into a bed. Looks like the car has been parked in a drive in theater to enjoy the view of the night sky with a person dressed like a pirate for assistance.


The interiors of the room gels with the black and white car race background.The room looks like an extension of a race course and the car is ready to be driven right into the room! What an amazing creation!


This room looks like a replica of a car service station with the tools placed on the wall and a service personnel working underneath the Morris minor car/bed.A car part is transformed into a center piece with a glass top. The wall color looks very realistic as in a service center.


A scrap yard is the theme for the room. The walls, doors, flooring, headlights and an old car with the painting scraped all look perfect as in a yard! Wow amazing!


Replica of a gas station recreated in a room with a gas pump, shell logo painted on the wall and a vintage car transformed into a bed. The painted walls resemble the surrounding around a gas station. Awesome!


Seeing these I’m sure V8 automotive hotel is a must visit place in the ‘to – do’ list!