Product swap ideas for most famous brands

Advertisements are used to catch the attention of the viewers. Ironic and funny products will often evoke fun and laughter. Ilya Kalimulin and few other designers used their creativity to bring about some really funny products of famous brands.

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Lipton Cigarettes

The thought of famous tea brand Lipton coming up with cigarettes that smells like tea was creative.



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M&M’s Bullets

M&M are famous for their colourful button shaped candies. How about them coming up bullets that have candy coloured projectiles?



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Tic Tac Bomb

A green colored time bomb was named ‘Tic Tac’.



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McDonald’s MacBook

McDonald has its version of MacBook which has the color and logo of the iconic brand on the skin.



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Google Goooooo

While the ‘rings’ in Google may have compelled the creators to come up with Google as a ring game maker



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Kaspersky Insect Killer

Virtual virus killer coming up a real life insect killer was hilarious



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Adobe Skincare Master Collection

Adobe’s image as a digital facelift company that might have prompted them to come up with their skincare line.



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Chanel Soap

The designers have ‘Chanel’ fashion accessories coming up with a rather uninspiring soap.



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Crocs Umbrella

Crocs is a brand famous for making footwear distinguished by a lot of holes in the shoe. Designers thought of creating an umbrella with a twist; it has trade mark holes in it!



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Heineken Fire Extinguisher

Heineken is famous for putting out ones sorrows and sadness and designers thought of coming up with a fire extinguisher.



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IKEA Piano

Ikea has a piano in its line up and you guessed it right, you will have to assemble it by yourself.



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Marshall Fridge

Designers thought of Marshal Fridge that resembles its famous amplifier with knobs and buttons of its amplifier.


The creative ideas were produced with utmost perfection that one tends to think that the products are already in the market.