Pictures of Brick Roading Printing machine

Laying brick–paved roads is a labour intensive, backbreaking, time consuming occupation. It is also tricky because the bricks hold together only by being tightly wedged against each other perfectly as there is no mortar to bind them together. The roads look much prettier than tarmacadam ones with design possibilities similar to wooden parquetry flooring. The result is something like what is seen here in the photograph of the forecourt of the Den Haag Central train terminus.

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But now there is Tiger Stone, the electricity-powered paving machine, manufactured by Vanku BV of the Netherlands. It still needs manual labour to arrange the bricks on the bed of the machine but the difference is that the workmen work standing up and the bricks are made available at the a stretch of their arm by a hopper in this ergonomically designed work station.

The push button operated paver is very efficient in that the platform where bricks are arranged is placed in position with a remote control and then the curb stone is aligned with accuracy with the help of a sensor and this result in perfect edge finishing. The machines come in standard road widths of 4, 5 and 6 metres so that once one edge is located accurately, the other edge is automatically found. The platform’s inclination ensures that even along curves on the road the edging maintains alignment perfectly.

The machine handles all kinds and sizes of stones and bricks. Because of the accurate and tight placement of stones the road remains maintenance free.

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