Outstanding images of forest houses in the world

Everyone secretly wants to live in a forest home. This collection of amazing houses will make you feel like leaving the chaos all around and live in them! They range from American wooden cabins to British houses and even include luxury houses which will make your heart skip a beat.

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Camouflaged with the trees, this house is a cosy little one.


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Slight touch of sunlight is making this beautiful setting even more appealing. World of wonders!


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A British home with a thatched roof looks incredible for some peace.


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A masterpiece of architecture, living in here can make you feel that the world is yours!


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Not just the days are calm, but the nights are also beautiful.


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Hiding among the trees is a home belonging to some nature lover


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Not even a grand villa in a city can compete with this home which seems to be blessed by the weather Gods.


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This miniature of a palace seems to be perfect for a hide out. It is well-designed in a way so that the luxury of urban development is not missed.


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This is called as luxury without hurting the nature. Every small element is carefully designed to be in sync with the surroundings.


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Having a great view, this home has the needed shade and the right exposure to the elements of nature.


You must now be wishing for one such home of your own! No matter how developed we feel in our urban lifestyle, our hearts still wish to be among the nature.