10 Amazing musical instruments you can play in your browser

Music is an aspect of life that is enjoyed universally. It tends to do different things to different people-where one might start dancing upon hearing their favorite music but another might be brought to tears, in a good way. But not all music needs to be heard and some is created just for the musician’s satisfaction.

It’s mandatory for all musicians to have proper musical instruments but some even manage to find mundane things like pots and pans to create music. But if you are the type who always has to make your music using your own instruments but have no choice but to sulk and miss them while you are traveling, then do not worry, I have just the right solution for you. The internet plays home to various useful things and one such thing that is sure to satisfy any musician is-virtual instruments. Here is a list of the best virtual instrument sites which host a variety of playable instruments including drums, synthesizers and many others.

1) WebSID [ via ]



2) Webotribe [ via ]



3) MZ-101 [ via ]



4) Inudge [ via ]



5) Sympathetic Synthesizer System Mk 1 [ via ]



6) Patternsketch [ via ]



7) TrueGrid [ via ]



8) WebModular [ via ]



9) Patchwork [ via ]



10) Audiotool [ via ]


Each of the above lets you create your own unique music and definitely not allow you to miss your dear musical instruments.

So whether it’s your piano, synthesizer or drums that you are missing, just choose one of the above mentioned sites and be at peace with yourselves by making music!