Motion Graphics – 25 Entertaining Examples

Motion graphics are one of the most extensively used graphic modes in the world of websites. Motion graphics as the term suggests is all about moving graphics. One is the graphics that stay still and the rest are in motion which is termed as motion graphics. Motion graphics involves usage of video footage to create an illusion of motion or rotation. This illusion can be created by using different animation technology as well. Motion graphics are usually used coupled with audio on multi-media projects. The idea of motion graphics is to display the moment of transformation from one state to a different state. Motion graphics is widely used in animation and advertising. It is used through frame by frame footage in animation. The speed of motion can be defined by the designers or artists as per the requirement. One can also use slow motion graphics to display some smooth transition and pick up fast motion graphics to create an impactful illusion. Motion graphics are displayed through manual powered technology such as thaumatrope, stroboscope, zoetrope, flip book and many more. Adobe flash supports motion graphics for illusionary video footage. Here is a list of 25 entertaining examples on motion graphics that will not just help you understand the technique but also inspire you with better ideas. Explore this gallery of 25 entertaining examples on motion graphics, get inspired and try your own hands in motion graphics towards creating some impactful illusions.


1) Studio Smack Showreel


2) Landscapes


3) Nike Chase


4) DETECTIVES – Opening Titles


5) Pablo Maximiliano, Reel for 2013


6) Scenarios


7) Where things come from


8) Future Proof


9) Arte


10) Heineken, Motion Design


11) O Motion


12) Black Sheep Title Sequence


13) GroundSure Animation


14) Randerhell


15) Sebastien Freuler : Motion Reel 2012


16)Lamborghini Pacemaker


17) Adidas motion graphics ident


18) MTV World Stage


19)Verizon Droid X “Never Miss”


20) Vodalabs – The Digital Alchemists


21) I’m Thirsty


22) Twistedpoly Ident


23) Adidas – Light


24) Babo-Uabu Wellies


25) Morpheus – Sci Fi Trailer


Motion Graphics – 25 Entertaining Examples