Who Knew Ronald Regan Was a Movie Star Before Becoming President? Here’s Our Top 10 Surprising Talents of US Leaders!

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a credited screenwriter of the 1936 film, The President’s Mystery.

2. Richard Nixon played numerous musical instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, accordion, violin, and piano. Although he couldn’t read music, he somehow managed to write his own compositions. Nixon even credits his musical performances with helping him win the 1968 election.

3. Warren Harding was especially talented at the sousaphone, a version of the tuba which wraps around the musician’s body.


4. Dwight Eisenhower was a creative painter, creating over 300 works despite not beginning painting until the age of 58.


5. Harry Truman was a pianist since he was a young boy, when he got up at 5am in order to practice for two hours before school. He even dreamed of becoming a concert pianist at one point!


6. Bill Clinton had a special knack for solving crossword puzzles. He can supposedly finish the notoriously difficult New York Times puzzle using ink in no more than a few minutes. He’s even written some of the Times puzzle clues himself!


7. Abraham Lincoln is the only president to own a patent. He was approved in 1849 for a device that lifted boats stuck on sandbanks, after becoming stuck in the situation himself!


8. Jimmy Carter was a prolific artist with published novels and poetry books, as well as a furniture designer. One of his paintings was auctioned in 2012 for $250,000 benefiting his non-profit foundation.


9. Ronald Reagan was an actor before becoming a political figure, appearing in more than 50 films! He is most well known for his performance as a football player in the 1940 film, Knute Rockne, All American.

10. Thomas Jefferson was a celebrated architect, who designed a rotunda at the University of Virginia, his own plantation (Monticello), in addition to a villa called Poplar Forest, and many other homes.