Japanese Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto Makes Amazing Ballloon Animals – Must See

Have you ever come across animals made of balloons? Balloon animal art is the process of shaping balloons into animals and giving them life like appearance. It is more popular in Japan.

Balloon animal art is an amazing new and innovative piece of art to look at how various size balloons can be blown, twisted and turned to make animals, birds, insects, flowers and cartoon characters.

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, a chemical engineer, aged 25, makes miniature of animals in different sizes and shapes of balloon in his passtime. The balloon animal art made by Masayoshi Matsumoto involves multiple layers of balloons modeled to give the animals a 3D structure.

They look so realistic and wonderful that one’s jaw drops in awe! The creations are made purely by inspiration from wildlife pictures, and are done without any bonding agent or tape to stick the balloons together. Each painstaking creation involves so much of effort, patience, intricacy and detailing that is shown exquisitely in the balloons.

The balloon animals are mostly seen in birthday parties, fairs, weddings and public events. Adults and children love it.

Some of the artist’s creations like the Iguana with scales and spines relaxing on a branch of tree, bison giving a rustic and majestic look, the glow and stare on the owl’s eyes created by luminescent balloons, fabulous flamingo standing on one leg and displaying its beautiful wings, dinosaur giving a scary and ready to eat look with its claws, teeth and fiery eyes, goldfish created by combination of orange and white color are amazing and awe inspiring.

Few creations have a very innocent and cute look on them like the deer created by combination of brown, peach and dark brown color balloons, mouse in grey and pink balloons or the little bird perched on the nest and taking care of its eggs. The eyes for all the creatures are created in the balloons which look very realistic and expressive. Each creation brings out an emotion and is very lively to look at.

Here are few pictures of Masayoshi Matsumoto’s incredible creations which are stunning and impressive. Happy viewing!

















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