25 Creative Corporate Identity Designs

Every company has its own goals and missions. The company deals with its clients through its identity, which is unique. Most of the business people firmly believe; creating a unique identity is a part of the business strategy and marketing.A  prominent and unique corporate identity is the best way to epitomize personality, and the principles

How To Draw A Cartoon – 50 Excellent Video Tutorials

Drawing cartoon is one of the most delighting art form that has been in existence from years. Cartoon for the laymen is an activity where an artist draws funny characters for entertaining people especially kids. However, cartoon has a lot more depth than this. Cartoon not just evokes laughter in kids and plays an important

50 mind blowing pencil drawings

Pencil drawing is an art form that has been prevalent in the creative world from years. Long back in times when camera was yet to be invented, pencil drawing was very popular among people. Pencil drawing includes portrait sketches, landscape drawings, architectural sketches and more. After the arrival of the camera, the art form did
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