19 Genius Concept Improvements to Every Day products

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This proverb goes well with all technological inventions as well as with products used in everyday life. With time being a precious commodity in this busy era, creativity in any form is acceptable be it a solution to an existing product or an invention. Certain enhancements/inventions to everyday products save time, energy, space and make using the product more interesting. Altogether the product looks new and has a refreshing look.

1) Your toilet could have a sink on the cistern.

For instance, in a space crunch place the toilet cistern could have a sink in it. This saves space, water and gives the toilet a new look.


2) Your outlets could be round so you could plug into them every which way.

Likewise round power outlets for plugging electronic gadgets can be accessed from all directions unlike the contemporary ones which can be used in only one direction.


3) Your keyboard could be washable.

Another enhancement to everyday product is the washable keyboard. It is water proof and no dust or dirt remains on it.


4) Your flash drives could display the files they contain.

Likewise a flash drive displaying the contents of the file is an amazing concept of improvement over the older version.One can be sure of the flash drive contents and needn’t waste time in searching for the file in the computer.


5) Or be tear-and-share.


6) Your cereal bowl could prevent sogginess forevermore.

A cereal bowl is just an ordinary bowl. But a small partition in it can prevent the cereal from getting soggy. It is absolutely a genius enhancement.


7) Your cutting board could also hold your wine.


8) Or it could measure exactly how much you’re cutting.

Small inventions in the kitchen can be very handy and be of great help like the cutting board can double up as a wine glass holder or display the measure of the quantity cut!


9) Your coffee cup could be edible.

An edible coffee cup serves the purpose of serving coffee and it can be eaten as a snack too!


10) Your knives could all nest.

A spoon with chopsticks could become a single piece of cutlery! Wow what an invention.


11) Your paintbrushes could hang on the rim of paint cans.

Another great enhancement is the paint brush, which could be hung from the paint can thereby avoiding drips!


12) Your ice tray could dispense the cubes for you.


13) Your watch could use its words.

Inventions over electronic gadgets are many like the watch which displays time in words or the mobile which helps one type even while walking.


14) Your luggage tag could shout your name.


15) You could have flat extension cords to run under rugs.


16) Your bottle opener could trap the cap.

Likewise a magnetic bottle opener could hold the cap and prevent it from flying elsewhere.


17) Your spoon and your chopsticks could become one.


18) Your fridge could have a camera inside to make grocery shopping a breeze.


19) Your phone could make it easy to type and walk at the same time.