Food and Restaurant Web Designs

Food and Restaurant Web Designs

Web design is on a fast pace and growing with better usability and attractive designs. There are many talented web designers online who are pushing it hard to make their designs stand out of the crowd. But how can new web designers manage with this peer pressure of super cool designers? It is not that hard what you think, there are always places where we can go take a look at fresh web designs. In this post I have listed some of the best web designs of food and restaurants where talented designers have merged both creativity and usability, this list is to inspire designers. Here in these sites the use of photography is very necessary as the subject is the food and it has to be highlighted. This post will help you to gain inspiration for your food or restaurant project. Enjoy!


1) Taco bell site redesign by Killagrafikz


2) Medenosrce


3)  Wonka


4) M&M’s


5) Backyardburgers


6) mellowmushroom


7) Burger king UK


8) Mc Donalds


9) Baskin-Robbins


10) Krispy Kreme


11) Chick Fil A


12) Brendans


13)  Twix


14) Gatorade


15) Red mango


16) Ben & Jerry’s


17) site redesign by killagrafikz


18) Orbit


19) Trident Gum


20) Kallo foods

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