Creative children’s breakfast Ideas

Does your little one throw tantrums when it comes to having his or her breakfast? Do you often get the tiffin back without being touched? As a parent, it must be worrying you a lot about your child’s health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives energy to the body to function for the entire day. If your kid finds the breakfast boring and plain, put to use these creative breakfast ideas and see how fast the food vanishes off the plate!

Pancake is a common breakfast recipe and a child might never eat it because it is COMMON, COLOURLESS and looks boring in a circular shape. But what if you could make a bunny pancake and give it eyes and nose with tomato ketchup. Cut a banana into two equal pieces and make bunny’s ears with them. Add a yellow clip on its head with yellow bell pepper. Not only your child would eat it in a moment, but would love to have it served next morning as well. Another great creative breakfast idea is serving cat’s oatmeal. To prepare it, take a bowl of oatmeal and now decorate it with pieces of pineapple and cherries. Cut the pineapple in the shape of a crown to put it on one side of the bowl. This becomes the head of the cat; now use small cherries to make its eyes and a bigger, circular piece of pineapple to make its nose. Decorate the nose with a big cherry and make its naughty moustache using pineapple strips. Your cat’s oatmeal is ready to be served!

Similarly, you can serve funny eggs to your child, a lion sandwich, a colourful French toast using cherries and yellow bell pepper and a plate of cookies placed as a snake with topping of peanut butter and cherries. To serve egg in an unique way, serve it in a piece of pepper- use different colours of peppers to make it look interesting. With simple ingredients and a small dose of creativity, you could make your child eat every food item from toast, pancakes, omelette to spinach and nuts.

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