Crazy first tweets from biggest brands

Membership on Twitter told your age, but not anymore – old fogeys are joining up. The corporations, forever looking for a free marketing-ticket, climbed on to the bandwagon – even the mega corporations with mind-boggling advertising and marketing budgets.

The corporations weighed the pros and cons before signing on. The first on this list of ‘top ten’ took two years and seven months to decide the pros ‘had it’ and the rest, even longer. What does it say about our priorities – eight of the ten are purveyors of food – fast food at that! One is a toilet paper brand and the other a dry goods operation. All of them are chains, American icons and the youngest – Arby’s, a quick-service sandwich chain – is close to 50 years old.

Most of them were tentative, bashful, didn’t know the ‘in-lingo’ or the acronyms of the day and put out awkward messages!! It didn’t matter whether they joined in 2008 or 2010!!  Here they are




Some used the sporting metaphor – Burger King to the NASCAR champion Tony Stewart and Taco Bell to the Major League Baseball.



A couple of them were Twitter savvy in their jargon at least and were on the same page with their younger clientele.



Coke was up to the game and plugged a promotional line with its cute story.


And Domino’s carried out a damage control exercise after two of their employees uploaded on YouTube a naughty clip where they did unspeakable things to the food about to be served to customers – like stuffing cheese up their noses and worse.