The Best Apple watch docs you can buy – May 2015

Have you ordered the much talked about the ‘Apple Watch’? Well, before you start using this ultra modern and stylish device, get home any of these best Apple Watch docks, popularly called the Apple Watch stands. An impressive and modish dock would be a thing to admire on your desk!

The watch docks are flexible and many of them allow you to leave your high-end watch either vertically or horizontally. The docks are designed in such a way that the face of the watch is always visible regardless of its position; all the wires are hidden inside the pole. Watch Stand is such a product from the house of Griffin Technology. The docks are usually lightweight thus highly portable.

Most of the docks come with an additional stand of placing your iPhone. They have in-built power bank which could fully charge your watch for at least four times. Designs such as BLOC apple watch stand are more feasible as they that are wireless and thus you have no fuss in handling them.

You can buy different designs of docks in variety of material; some of them are available even in gold. For affordable docks, you can buy one made out of aluminium, wood or stainless steel.

Some Apple Watch docks serve multi purposes. Composure Watch Dock, Dual Charging Dock Organizer and Luxury Pocket Stand are complete kits with a watch holder and charger, a phone bed, and an organiser bed. You can either buy the watch dock separately or as a part of this set. The different sections have magnets that can be connected to join the complete set. The organiser bed has soft bedding and can be used to keep your car keys, glasses, phone or cards. No matter what you keep on the bed, watch will remain connected to the charging magnet. The other remarkable Apple Watch Docks that you can consider for buying are- DODOcase Charging Stand For Apple Watch, Premium One W1 Single Stand, and Portable Version Apple Watch Stand ( it has 3D printing done on it).

Many Apple Watch docks aren’t out in the market yet but are expected to be released by the end of 2015.

1. WatchStand [ Price: $29.99 ] [ Link ]


2. Apple Watch Stand S330 [ Price: $24.99 ] [ Link ]


3. DOCK for Apple Watch [ Price: $49.99 ] [ Link ]


4. WatchKeeper [ Price: $59.95 ] [ Link ]


5. BLOC Power Bank for Apple Watch [ Price: $60-$100  ] [ Link ]


6. HiRise for Apple Watch [ Price: $49.99 ] [ Link ]


7. Aerious Moduul Smart Watch Dock [ Price: $50 ] [ Link ]


8. NightStand for Apple Watch [ Price: $29 ] [ Link ]


9. AWDock [ Price: €65 ] [ Link ]


10. Stand For Apple Watch [ Price: $59.95 ] [ Link ]


11. NuStand Apple Watch Dock [ Price: 19 Pledge; $44 (Retail) ] [ Link ]


12. Composure Watch Dock [ Price: $64 ] [ Link ]


13. Luxury Pocket Stand [ Price: $69.99 ] [ Link ]


14. DODOcase Charging Stand For Apple Watch [ Price: $86.95 (Pre-order) / $99.95 (retail) ] [ Link ]


15. Dual Charging Dock Organizer [ Price: $59.95 (Pre-order); $79.95 (Retail) ] [ Link ]


16. Apple Watch Dock [ Price: $59.95 ] [ Link ]


17. Premium One W1 Single Stand [ Price: $65-$75 ] [ Link ]


18. Duet [ Price: $79 (Pledge); $99 (Retail) ] [ Link ]


19. BandStand [ Link ]


20. Portable Version Apple Watch Stand (3D printing) [ Link ]



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