10 Kitchen gadgets that you cannot live without – I am definitely buying them all

Spending too much time in the kitchen for the preparation food is not affordable for most of the people, whether they are bachelors or couples. They are exploring ways to save time in the kitchen making use of modern and friendly kitchen devices. Wise people definitely add gadgets like the ones mentioned below that help reduce their ‘kitchen time’.

10. The Yolkfish Egg Separator is a simple but effective device to separate egg very easily. The advantage is that you need not spend more time and you get perfection.


9. Even the experienced ones are confused in the case of the time needed for cooking eggs. Sometime it goes a little over or a little under. But, if you use an Egg Perfect Timer you know the exact position of the boiling egg. The timer on the device indicates the current status of the eggs.


8. Admetior Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale helps you find the volume or measurement of the spices or liquids you want to add in your food correctly.


7. If you find consuming too much time for stripping kernels from the cobs, you can make it easy with OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper.


6. You need not be jealous of the Chef sliced onions, potatoes or tomatoes as you also can cut these things in perfect shape with the help of a Joie Tomato Slicer and Knife.


5. The Chef’n Veggi Chop Vegetable chopper is a fine gadget that helps you cut the vegetables as you like.


4. The Zip Zester is a device that makes the peeling of things like lemon, potatoes etc. very easy.


3. When the Fat Magnet is in your kitchen you need not worry about fats in foods. It helps you in removing the fat from the greasy food very easily.


2. You need to skim the surface of the freeze foods. You need not go to a restaurant to have tasty Sushi as you can make it as you like if you are in possession of a Sushezi Sushi made Easy.


1. If you are willing to take an advanced position in your kitchen, certainly you must have iDevices iGrill Mini which is a smart Bluetooth grilling thermometer with which you will know when your food is ready from your mobile device.


These friendly gadgets make you smart in the kitchen too.