Amazing Jquery plugins from April 2014

JQuery Script is known to be the most popular and innovative Java script that is used by the programmers and designers all over. Every year there are a lot of jQuery plugins released with advancement, and we could find some of the best jQuery plugin in April 2014 as well. The plug-ins contributes to the effectiveness of a website. These help developers to make a website far more innovative, with much of style and appeal. It gives a wonderful browsing experience to the viewers due to the style and creativity of the website,which is highly inactive due to these jQuery plug-in.

1) Best Free jQuery Plugins –  Stylish Rotating Image Slideshow [ More Information ]

It’s really appealing when a website has nice image sliding. You get to know a lot of things about the website through images. This jQuery provides you with Plugins, which could help you rotate or slide image in your webpage



2) Best Free jQuery Plugins-  Scroll Magic [ More Information ]

The scrollbar of your webpage will appear like a playback scrub through scroll magic plugin.You would simply fall in love with this plugin. It makes the page look so innovative.



3) Best Free jQuery Plugins –  CSS3 Lightbox Image Gallery [ More Information ]

This jQuery plugin allows you to place your image in a stylish way. You can place them a bit differently in your webpage. You can customize your gallery through this plugin.



4) Best free jquery plugins – Multi item Slideshow [ More Information ]



5) Best free jquery plugins –  Nano Gallery [ More Information ]

It is a highly responsive plugin, which supports Google+, Picasa, Smug Mug and various other photo albums online. It can make your website look really strong and entertaining.



6) Best free jquery plugins  – Animate CSS3 transform values with jQuery [ More Information ]

It is a highly responsive extension for jQuery’s animate function. You can animate your own functions easily without your own syntax. The plugin will do the required magic for you.



7) Best free jquery plugins –  jQuery Canvas Sparkles [ More Information ]



8) Best free jquery plugins –  Justified Gallery [ More Information ]



9) Best free jquery plugins –  Photopile [ More Information ]



10) Best free jquery plugins –  Clock Picker [ More Information ]Amzing_Jquery_Plugin10


11) Best free jquery plugins –  Page Loading Effects [ More Information ]

The plugin provides you with stylish page loading effects that use SVG animation. You would notice interesting animation while a new content page is loading.



12)  Best free jquery plugins  – jQuery Music Equalizer [ More Information ]



13) Best free jquery plugins –  Share Button [ More Information ]