Amazing collection of candies in color

Those chalky, cheesy candies have somehow become a favorite for all the ages. Everyone loves candy and the various colors and shapes make us more tempted towards it. But why do kids love candies so much? Although, children may have same taste buds as adults but they have a smaller tongue and thus the flavors for them becomes stronger.

These candies have been given a theme color as red in which you will find various different types of candies available like ring-shaped mints, artificially fruit-flavored hard candy, and gummies and so on. The bright hues are inspired by jelly beans and the texture is based on the fruit shaped snack.


Here’s a collection of gummy candies in different shapes. The chewy chocolate candy is completely wrapped in a transparent plastic to see them clearly. The candy stick can last forever. We’re still trying to figure out, how many licks does it take?


The lollipops would be enough to keep your mouth busy by chewing for long. A Gummy fish, crunchy peanut butter, chewing-gum core stick and a candy stick can explode in your mouth occasionally followed by a painful trip to the dentist.


In these you can see a small candies arranged in yellow theme. Mostly it contains only hard candy.  Hard candies come in various flavors such as ring-shaped mints and artificially fruit-flavors. Hard, fizzy, tablet-shaped sweets are available in variety of flavors. The pale yellow color is made by using sweetened condensed milk, butter, sugar and artificial flavorings as well, but they do taste like the rainbow.




Chocolate is the combination of cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter and other ingredients.  The colorful, thin chocolate wafers are the cousins of candy heart but they do offer a little more flavor to it. The shape varies from fruits to animal to teddy bears and so on. Cadbury snickers or Oreos, we all love them in any conditions.





Well, parents would not want to show their children these collection of candies as only a glance at this candies would be enough to make their kids strive for a sugar high.