Adorable pictures of Zoey and Jasper – You cannot miss the see these

Grace Chon is a commercial photographer who tries to combine her background as a former art director into her passion of photography. Her photography is solely oriented on animals, lifestyle and celebrities with pets. She brings in energy and passion to each of her clicks, creating a memorable and beautiful picture. Her clients include numerous ad agencies and magazines, who love her unique ideas and photographic eye. Grace Chon’s daughter is Jasper who is adorable and loves her mother’s photography. They have recently picked up a gorgeous rescue dog named Zoey. Grace has put together a unique collection called ‘Zoey and Jasper’ where her daughter and her 7 year old recue dog is wearing stylish accessories such as clothes, hats and glasses. This collection is delightful and eye capturing…

When you see a dog with a hoodie on, Go home you are drunk. But if you see a kid and a dog with matching hoodies on, take out your camera and take a picture bcz it’s a miracle.


You know it is time for a workout when your kid and your dog are wearing sweat bands.


 Its New York hats or nothing!


All of a sudden it’s icy and shivering in New York city. It’s time to put on skiing masks and get out.


Shades are in vogue when you have Zoey as your best friend.



It might seem like a birthday, but neither of them knows whose birthday it is…


Chilly weather demands the kid and the pet to buy some warm clothes, and cuddle up in it.