8 Mindblowing CSS3 Transitions you cannot avoid

A wide sea of opportunities was opened for User Experience (UX) designers with the introduction of CSS3. It is amazing that the best transition effects are very simple also. The user experience felt through the user interface is not just for a feel good factor, it can also transform into more sales. It is also proven that a hassle free user experience will attract more repetitive purchases as seamless experience is highly sought after. Here we bring you 8 transitions that will allow interactive user experience which is going to fascinate your visitors. These codes are ultra simple as they take up only a couple of lines and are free to use.

The ‘Fade In’ and ‘Change Color’ changes the background color when a mouse is hovered over it.

1) Fade In [via]

2) Change Color [ via ]

3) Grow & Shrink [ via ]

Have you felt the need to enlarge and shrink an element? Then ‘Grow and Shrink’ transitions are for you.

4) Rotate Elements [ via ]

If you were looking to rotate the elements, then ‘Rotate Elements’ would be a right choice. The degree of rotation can also be set up by you.

5) Square to Circle [ via ]

Move the mouse and see the transition of a square to a circle in ‘Square to Circle’.

6) 3D Shadow [ via ]

Did you think that a 3D shadow would have enhanced the appeal of the element? Check the codes for ‘3D Shadow’ and you will find a solution.

7) Swing [ via ]

The swing of an element in varying degrees could be achieved by the codes for ‘Swing’.

8) Inset Border [ via ]

The transition of an element to have a border of its own is also an attractive animation. ‘Insert Border’ offers a simpler solution to insert a border without changing the position of the element.

Keep in mind to get into the shoes of a user and find the right transitions that suits your need.