8 Amazing Drop box alternatives

In the present generation where our data bulk in increasing in leaps and bounds, data storage is a challenge.Considering the massive hoard of data and the enormous risk of damage and corruption of our valuable data, physical storage devices are simply no longer a feasible and dependable answer.The most valid and widely accepted storage alternative available to the mankind in the realms of data storage is “cloud storage”. Dropbox is Google’s very own cloud storage service. But apart from Dropbox here we have 8 best free Dropbox alternatives:

1) Teamdrive [ More Information ]

It is specially designed so that data (10GB) can be stored and synchronized between various systems and devices, accessible by multiple teams working on the same data, with a backup facility and guaranteed security.


2) Amazon Cloud Drive [ More Information ]

Developed by Amazon, this application provides 5GB free data storage and an option of adding data from mobile phones.



3) CloudMe [ More Information ]

This provides free data storage of 3GB and is easily accessible for sharing through phones.



4) OneDrive live [ More Information ]

It provides 7GB of free storage with guaranteed security and user-friendly sharing options on any device.



5) Box [ More Information ]

Primarily used to store data online but the key feature is its easy integration with Google Apps and Salesforce.



6) Wuala [ More Information ]

With 100% privacy guaranteed and backup and sync options, it provides free 5GB storage.



7) Bittorrent [ More Information ]

Exceptionally useful in synchronization of data that is accessible through a wide range of devices.



8) Own Cloud [ More Information ]

This enterprise-grade application syncs and shares data using user’s storage and is hosted by user’s data center.