50 Unusual Houses Around the world

50 Unusual Houses Around the world.  House is a personal treasure of people and throughout the world, people are fond of beautiful houses and many succeed to build one. Everyone has a dream house in their own imagination and as dreams are unusual, many does dream of building unusual houses and across the world there are many such unusual houses that have always derived human attention hugely. Here is a display of few unusual houses around the world that will take you across a ride of people’s creativity and imagination. If you think houses are just built out of cement and bricks, you should think again. There is end number of houses across the globe build with various different types of materials. Ranging from houses made of thatches to igloo and from tree house to floating house, there are different variations of the term house that humanity has visualized in different parts of the world. Houses can be built of stones like marble, granite, bricks, thatches, wood and much more apart from the mixture of cement and bricks. Even in the same country people build different types of houses depending on the needs of the place and demands of climate. Besides, there are people who experiments with their wildest imagination while building a house. Here is a display of 50 Unusual Houses Around the world that will give you an idea of how creative and crazy human imagination can go. Explore this gallery of 50 unusual houses and enjoy!

1) Upside Down House

2) Mirror House

3) Flintstones House

4) Slide House in Japan

5) Balancing House

6) Cloud Shaped House

7) Unique Solar Powered House

8) Pyramid House in Japan

9) Shoe House in Pennsylvania

10) Stone House in Portugal

11) Hill House

12) Transparent House

13) Zero Energy Home

14) World’s Most Expensive Residence

15) Solar House 2.0

16) Space Ship Home

17) The Teapot Home

18) Toilet Shaped House

19) Mushroom House

20) Bubble House

21) Barrel House

22) Strawberry House

23) Kettle House

24) The Kvivik Igloo

25) Unusual Shaped House with Glass Facades

26) Underground Home Uncovers One-Of-A-Kind Style

27) Hovering House Among the Treetops

28) Pitched Roof House with a Steep Sense of Style

29) A Home Inside of A Home

30) Hillside Home Design with Roof Entrance

31) German Architecture To Get Your Motor Running!

32) Stone House

33) Modern Island Home in Amsterdam Nature Reserve

34) Gold Interior Design in a Golden Exterior House – amazing!

35) Underground Home Designs – Swiss Mountain House Rocks!

36) Beach Cottage Home in Australian Beach Paradise

37) Wood Home Design in Netherlands

38) Rooftop Golf Course House

39) Modern Mexican Architecture

40) Compact House with Unusual Shape in Colombia

41) Australian Architecture Firm Blurs Boundaries in the Perforated House

42) Plastic House in Lodz, Poland

43) Whimsical House – Nautilus House in Mexico City

44) Korea Modern Architecture – Pixel House

45) The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

46) Cubic Houses

47) Beer Can House (Houston, Texas, USA)

48) Crazy House (Vietnam)

49) Mind House (Barcelona, Spain)

50) House Boat

50 Unusual Houses Around the world