50 Houses for modern architecture inspiration

House is one of the three greatest necessities of one’s life and from long years, the world has been witnessing amazing architecture of houses. The architecture of houses too have emerged changes. As the fashion industry keeps changing with time, the architecture designs of houses too have adopted different changes along with the pace of the world. In the modern world scenario, with developed equipments and building materials, houses can be built of amazing creativity. The world has ample examples where the architecture of a house stuns human being. Today’s is the world of post-modernism where creativity is absurd and people move beyond conventions. This feature is reflected wisely through various building structures. People play with colors and designs and move beyond conventional house architectural designs. While some try to put in creativity in multi-storey, some other try to manipulate designs in duplex, others innovates beautiful bungalows and houses. Ranging from oval shaped houses to polygon shaped houses; people have used their extreme creativity in building houses. While some did not achieve the level of brilliancy, some others came up with mesmerizing views out of houses. Thus, the world has house examples of modern architecture in both the plates of good and bad. Here is a display of 50 houses for modern architecture inspiration that will inspire you to try your own hand in creativity in designing beautiful houses. Explore this gallery of 50 houses for modern architecture inspiration and enjoy!


1) East Windsor Residence by Alterstudio.


2) Ridge Road Residence By StudioFour.


3) Auto-Family House By KWK PROMES 


4) Robins Way By Bates Masi Architects 


5) IO By Osamu Morishita 


6) E+ Green Home By Unsangdong Architects.


7) Nexus House By Johnsen Schmaling Architects.


8) BF House By OAB + ADI 


9) Balcony Over Bronte By Luigi Rosselli Architects.


10) Gordons Bay House By Luigi Rosselli Architects.


11) Beach Walk House By SPG Architects.


12) Casa Di Sassuolo By Enrico Iascone Architetti.


13) Spence House By Metcalfe Architecture & Design 


14) House in Foz do Douro II By José Carlos Cruz 


15) House for Kika and Xisco By Duch-Pizá Architects. 


16) Hurst House By John Pardey Architects + Ström Architects.


17)  The Modern Contemporary ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea.


18) Wentworth Rd House By Edward Szewczyk Architects.


19) Port Ludlow Residence By Finne Architects.


20) House The By Nico van der Meulen Architects.


21) Cloud House  By McBride Charles Ryan.


22) Villa Midgård By DAPstockholm.


23) 33rd Street Residence By Rockefeller Partners Architects.


24) SÃO BENTO Residence By Anastasia Arquitetos.


25) SIP Panel House By  Alejandro Soffia and Gabriel Rudolphy.


26) 321 House By Gould Evans.


27) SEATTLE Home By  Pb Elemental.


28) Casa Mecano By Robles Arquitectos.


29) Light House Residence By LineBox Studio.




31) Rieteiland House By Hans van Heeswijk.


32)  Belvedere Residence By Anastasia Arquitetos.


33) Villa Ixos By Bruno Erpicum.


34) Westside Road By Dowling Studios.


35) Casa Gavion By Colectivo MX.


36) Hope Street Geelong West By Steve Domoney Architecture.


37) Casa O By 01Arq.


38) Power Street By Steve Domoney.


39) The Hive Apartment By ITN Architects.


40) Nettleton 198 By Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects.


41) Black & White House By Formwerkz Architects.


42) Rain Shine House By Robert M. Cain.


43) Water Villa By Framework ArchitectsStudio Prototype.


44) The Courtyard House By Sanjay Puri Architects.


45) Broadway House  By Marcus O’Reilly Architects.


46) Residence in the CARIBBEAN By Silberstein Architecture.


47) Birkenhead Point House By Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects.


48) Avenue House By Neil Architecture.


49) Station BLU By Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement.


50) H2 By 314 Architecture Studio.



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