50 Excellent examples of website footers

Website footers are important parts of website design and this has been proved again and again over the period of time. The importance of website footers is huge and designers need to realize this factor. In most of the situations, designers are more focused with the website header while website footer is often neglected. But website footer is as important as body and header. Header, body and footer are the three most important parts of a website. Footers usually carry the legalese that usually users do not bother to read but maintaining a proper one is very important. This is because for any information or reference related to legalese and rule of use, users directly refer to the website footer. Website footer acts almost like a legal shield for a site. Important information like privacy policy, copyright information, disclaimer, disclosure policy, attribution, contact information and more are included in the website footer. All these information are important for all websites and though people might not read it every time they land, ignoring this part might lose the weight of your website. Thus, building website footers is as important as is body and website header. In order to perfectly add the website footer, one needs to realize the trends and tricks involve with the same. Here is showcased as gallery of 50 excellent examples of website footers that will help you get an idea of good website footers. Explore these examples of website footers and grab an inspiration.


1) [Visit]


2) [Visit]


3) [Visit]


4) [Visit]


5) [Visit]


6) [Visit]


7) [Visit]


8) [Visit]


9) [Visit]


10) [Visit]


11) [Visit]


12) [Visit]


13) [Visit]


14) [Visit]


15) [Visit]


16) [Visit]


17) [Visit]


18) [Visit]


19) [Visit]


20) [Visit]


21) [Visit]


22) [Visit]


23) [Visit]


24) [Visit]


25) [Visit]


26) [Visit]


27) [Visit]


28) [Visit]


29) [Visit]


30) [Visit]


31) [Visit]


32) [Visit]


33) [Visit]


34) [Visit]


35) [Visit]


36) [Visit]


37) [Visit]


38) [Visit]


39) [Visit]


40) [Visit]


41) [Visit]


42) [Visit]


43) [Visit]


44) [Visit]


45) [Visit]


46) [Visit]


47) [Visit]


48) [Visit]


49) [Visit]


50) [Visit]



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