50 Examples of nail art ideas

Nail art is a trend that has spread like fire among the girls of all age; whether you are a working professional or a teenager, we are sure you haven’t escaped from the thought of doing your nails creatively. The nail art makes your hands and feet look attractive and gets you some lovely comments from your pretty girl-friends! Check out some more nail art ideas that are totally unique, look great and different from the regular nail paint and moreover, you can apply these arts on your own, you don’t need a professional to do your nails.

If you like to have glittery nails, try Sunset nail art design. It is a combination of night’s darkness and the shades of sunset. This design is create using nails lacquer and sand nail polishes to give a sand like effect, black nail paint in the middle and a touch of red on the head of the nail. You might also like floral stamped nail art which has the base of golden nail colour with a touch of black. Using a definite stamping plate, stamp floral designs on the nail. Finish is extremely important for this beautiful design otherwise it can appear messy.

For some more glitters and bright coloured nails, you can try trio sand nail art which uses three different shades of sand finish nail polishes and scotch tapes to ensure the three different colours do not smudge each other.
If you are looking for a DIY nail art design, you would immediately like the mix of blue nail art which uses a light tone of blue to paint the base of the nail and a darker blue to stamp out your favourite designs. This simple art looks pretty and chic!

Other easy-to-do ideas for nail art include polka dots with a same colour but two different tones, zebra stripes, floral designs, aquarium nail art, heart and star nail art, water decal designer nail art, zigzag patterns, golden half moon, graffiti art (which is nothing just scribbling with the polishes), splattered colour art, pinstripe nail art, and ruffian manicure.

1) MAC Gadabout Girl Nail Lacquer


2) MAC Mean & Green Nail Lacquer


3) MAC Styleseeker Nail Lacquer


4) Wonderful combination of yellow red and violet color gradients.


5) Elegant in nude polish arranged into a gradient theme.


6) Paint your nails in bright summer inspired colors of yellow, white and sea green.


7) Mysterious and classy black to white gradient nail art.


8) Flaunt your candy coated gradient nails in violet, red and yellow combination.


9) Give a frosty and snowy look on your gradient nails with a combination of midnight blue, green blue and white polish.


10) Take a look at this cute flower themed gradient nail art design.


11) Paint the galaxy on your nails with help from gradient inspired nail art.


12) Multi colored gradient nail art theme with thin flower details in black nail polish.


13) Melon and orange themed gradient nail art with thick zigzag line details in white polish.


14) Play around with colors on your gradient nails with this blue and violet combination.


15) The melon and yellow color combination is perfect for creating a candy themed gradient nail art.


16) Make your nails more exciting with this gradient nail art in violet, red violet, pink, light pink and yellow polish combination.


17) Gummy candy nail art has never looked so yummy in this pink, violet and blue color combination


18) A beautiful and classic looking gradient nail art design in white and pink color combination.


19) Add more attitudes to your gradient nail art with bright and bold tribal details in white polish.


20) Serene looking nails with white and sky blue gradient color combination.


21) Brighten up your nails with this pink and yellow gradient polish combo.


22) A frosted pink gradient nail art design perfect for just about any special occasion.


23) Light gradient nail art design in blue, white and pink combo with intricate details.


24) Gradient nail art with a twist of leopard print details in mutli-color.


25) Baby pink and blue themed gradient nail art topped with adorable looking beads.


26) V-shaped gradient themed nails in yellow and pink color combination.


27) Violet and pink gradient nail art with violet sparkles, beads and swirling white polish details,


28) A romantic looking gradient themed nail art in periwinkle and violet color combination.


29) Check out this almost matte effect gradient nail art in pink, orange and yellow combo


30) Add the frosted look on your gradient nails with the use of silver dust sparkles and get the same fading effect.


31) Be closer to nature with this bright green color ensemble arranged in a gradient themed nail art.


32) Rock the classic look with this white and bronze inspired gradient nail art.


33) Spice up your short nails with this clear polish and cherry color gradient nail art.


34) Look at this wonderful melon and yellow gradient combination with colorful leopard print details.


35) Coat your nails in this wonderful and clean looking white and red violet gradient.


36) Another style of gradient nail art design in vertical position with multi colored polishes.


37) Rainbow colored gradient nail art frosted with silver dust sparkles on top.


38) A cute gradient nail art design with violet, pink and aquamarine combination topped with bold zigzag details in white polish.


39) A tropical colored inspired gradient nail art using red, yellow, green and blue colors.


40) Another zigzag detailed gradient nail art in sea green and aquamarine colors.


41) An adorable looking gradient nail art in pink and violet color combination with thunderbolt details.


42) A very light and charming gradient themed nail art in pink and sky blue polish.


43) Check out this amazing sunset themed gradient nail art with grass blade and firefly details.


44) A melon and white gradient inspired nail art with silver dust sparkles on top.


45) Create a wonderful gradient of copper and light green combination on your nails and stand out.


46) Amazing looking gradient nail art design in violet, pink and melon color combination topped with silver dust sparkles.


47) Cute looking gradient inspired nail art in melon and pink tip combination.



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