50 Creative advertising ideas for print

Advertising is one of the major tools of marketing and every business across industries needs some sort of advertisement in order to gain reorganization among audience. Advertisement is a way of promoting a product through various modes – print, web, television and so on. While web advertisement and television advertisement are examples of advertisement of today’s real life world, print advertisement is one of the oldest advertisement types. Print advertisement has been in use for years. Print advertisement includes advertising through newspapers, magazines, banners, pamphlets, billboards and so on. Any type of advertisement that involves printing is print advertisement. The world of print media advertising has developed over the years. Today’s is the world of post-modernism and a straight way of speaking the benefits of a product might not work out in marketing. There should be creative ideas that stun the audience along with attracting them towards the advertisement. The most important requirement for print advertisement is that it should be able to capture the audience’s emotions. There are different ways through which people can incorporate out of the box ideas along with print advertising and create brilliant advertisements. More and more creative ideas for print are emerging over the years that can inspire you towards unique creation all the more. Here is a handpicked collection of 50 creative advertising ideas for print. Explore this gallery of 50 creative advertising ideas for print, get inspired and develop your own unique idea in creating brilliant print advertisements.

1) Karate for kids [Via]


2) Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner [Via]


3) Pulp Books, Read yourself interesting [Via]


4) Radiance H, Strengthens hair [Via]


5) Old Spice, Fiji [Via]


6) Band Aid, Extra Large [Via]


7) WWF, Give a hand to wildlife [Via]


8) Colgate Dental Floss [Via]


9) Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles [Via]


10) Bingo, Stain remover [Via]


11) Zoo Safari [Via]


12) Marinella Ties [Via]


13) Novartis Otrivin, Let the sea help you breathe [Via]


14) Fedex, Courier [Via]


15) Gulf News, Passive Smoking [Via]


16) Ibuprom, Woodpeckers [Via]


17) Ford Explorer, Rear view [Via]


18) T-Mobile, Talking Heads [Via]


19) Voltaren, Forklift [Via]


20) Fabercastell Truecolours [Via]


21) Be fit [Via]


22) Cemex, Fast Drying Concrete [Via]


23) New Straits Times [Via]


24) Children’s Defense Fund [Via]


25) Aurora Wines [Via]


26) Kaku Puremilk Icecream [Via]


27) Don’t cut a dream [Via]


28) SonntagsZeitung, The insight story [Via]


29) Purina, The Dog [Via]


30) Samsung, Optical Zoom [Via]


31) Delsey Luggage, Tarmac [Via]


32) Pampaverde, Extra big burger [Via]


33) BIC Bond, Teapot [Via]


34) Colgate Max [Via]

35) Vantage, Ketchup [Via]


36) WMF Knife [Via]


37) Big Babol, Crashing Bird [Via]


38) Volkswagen Trucks [Via]


39) Petits Gâteaux Cupcake Boutique [Via]


40) Snickers, Ice hockey glove [Via]


41) Sachs Clutches [Via]


42) AAAI, Cyber Crime [Via]


43) Fluid Controls, Escape [Via]


44) Image Hair Group, Hairbeard [Via]


45) Pilates With Gerda, Belly Bag [Via]


46) Colgate Dental Floss [Via]


47) Take a five minute holiday [Via]


48) Back seat belts, they’re there for a reason [Via]


49) Teach your dog where to pee [Via]


50) Help us fight the effects of cosmetic testing [Via]