50 Brilliant Outdoor Advertising Ideas

50 brilliant outdoor advertising ideas. Advertising is one of the most important parts of marketing irrespective of brands, companies and products. Advertising can be of various types such as online advertising, outdoor advertising, and print advertising and so on. Outdoor advertising is one of the types of advertising that has been prevalent from quite some time but with the outrage of fast online advertising growth, outdoor advertising did see a decline for a period. To overcome this decline, advertising companies and ad makers came up with brilliant creativity in outdoor advertising. The creative and innovation way of outdoor advertising has revised the marketing scene making outdoor advertising an effective marketing technique. Outdoor advertising includes billboard advertising campaign, posters, wall paints, and newsletters and so on. New and creative ideas that have emerged with outdoor advertising are tremendous. At the present time creative billboard advertising is working very well. Ad makers have gone out of the box to create the best of advertising ideas to attract users towards the product. In the fast growing world a simple billboard advertise will never attract people’s attention and drive any sort of added value. Therefore to make the audience stop and glance, the effect of the billboard should be high. Same goes for poster advertising, wall paints, newsletter and so on. Here is a presentation of brilliant outdoor advertising ideas that will inspire you to create another inspiration. Explore this gallery of 50 brilliant outdoor advertising ideas and get started with your own creative shot.


1) Hot Wheels: Big Boy.


2) Baruel: Fish.


3) Vitakraft: Power food for Birds.


4) Formula Toothcare: Bite.


5) Nestle : Kitkat.


6) Bear from John West.


7) Mars Chilled: Tongue.


8) Bad food, Bad Dog. All the vitamins, all the flavor.


9) Arena Swimwear: Predator.


10) Bose noise reduction headphones: Train.


11) Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish: Fast.


12) Persil: Flamingo.


13) ESPN: Couch.


14) Tropicana: Billboard powered by oranges.


15) Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus.


16) Pepsi: Skiing.


17) Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint.


18) Colgate Plax: Eye Mask.


19) Danerolles: Mega Croissant.


20) Unicef / Tap Project: Dirty water.


21) BMW: Checkmate.


22) Lexum European Eye Clinic: Octopus.


23) Dry the River – No Rest: 3D paper-crafted Horses.


23) ASSS: Bring The Billboard To Life.


24) Odis Travel Locks: Airport.


25) Coca-Cola: Straw, Posters.


26) Pothole Season : Stunt.


27) Dairy Milk billboard.


28) TV3: Law & Order Outdoor Lamp.


29) Clear Channel Singapore: Mosquito.


30) Drive Dry: Let’s Date, 1.


31) Adidas: Petr Cech.


32) Alac: Rugby.


33) GM Chevrolet: Fences.


34) Volkswagen: Lake.

35) Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art.


36) Panasonic nose trimmer: Baldy.


37) Adidas: All Day I Dream About Sneakers, Tree.


38) Fiat 500: Penguins.


39) McDonald’s: Pie.


40) Ogawa Ventilating Fan: Smoke.


41) Mitsubishi i-Miev: iMiEV Electric Billboard.


42) Community First Credit Union: Flexible Bus.


43) Nike Shox: Blue.

44) Government of Alberta, Office of Traffic Safety: Bus safety.


45) Strepsils: Man.


46) Unicef: Vaccine.


47) Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.


48) Yellow Pages: PI.


49) Absolut: Lemon Drop Bus Stop.


50) Baygon : Insect Killer.


50 Brilliant Outdoor Advertising Ideas.

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