50 Brilliant examples of Business card designs

50 Brilliant examples of Business card designs are displayed here. Business card is a card that displays the identity of a business. Business card in simple terms is the identity card provided to customers and clients to know the name, contact and industry of a business. Business card designs are therefore an important part of every business across industries. Here is a display of 50 brilliant examples of business card designs that will help you get an idea of how good business card designs are supposed to be. Business card designs can be of varied types such as squared business card design, oval design, square rounded design and more. Few of the important things that business card design must include are the name of the business with its logo, contact address along with mentioning its industry. A designer should always consider the clarity of images and fonts while designing business card designs because one of major goal behind designing business card is to introduce a business to customers and clients. Business card designs help a business to grow and enhance networking among its audience and clients and therefore business card designs is in such high demand in today’s highly competitive world. You can browse the net and get various ideas on business card designs. Here is a display of 50 amazing examples of business card designs that will give you an understanding of how to design a business card. Explore this gallery of 50 brilliant examples of Business card designs and create your own business card design.

1) Studio 5 business card



2) Piano Business Card



3) MuscleFire™ Biz Cards



4) Letterpress Business cards – CocoaLabs



5) letterpress wood and cotton paper business cards



6) Woodsen Eyewear Business Card



7) Geodetics Business Card sample



8) Tak Studio by Mahyar Zaker Jafary



9) JPR laser cut card tests



10) Digitpool Business Card



11) DAP Business Cards



12) Juan David Rey Business Card



13) Qr Corporate Business Card



14) Camilo Langlade Business Cards



15) Mission Fishing Business Cards



16) Letterpress Lemonade Business Cards



17) International Corporate Business Card



18) Notta Instrumental Business card



19) Architect Johnny C. Toledo



20) M.A.D. Letterpressed Business cards Project



21) Nanometh Brand



22) 16pt Silk Business Card w/ Spot UV & Rounded Edges



23) Quick response business card design ver 04



24) Noel Pelavin Business Card



25) Retro ’n Die-Cut Business Card Design



26) Kinast Design



27) Aluhu Creative Business Cards



28) Roselli Graphics Square Business Cards



29) Touchstone Reseach



30) Gold on Black



31) Dafouris Motor Company Business Cards



32) Zeebra – Business Card Template



33) Stylish business card



34) Quick response business card



35) Design For Good Letterpress Business Cards



36) High end fashion store in Miami Beach



37) THE GAMUT business cards



38) Bent Art Space



39) Per Micael Nyberg game design



40) Preza



41) Grit Creative Co. Business Card



42) Social Vintage Business Card



43) USB Business Card



44) sfera studios



45) Metal Business Card



46) Letterpress Business Card For Wedding Photographer



47) Q&A Creatives Business Card



48) Dona Baronesa – sustainable business card



49) Metal Card Graff’Illusion



50) Fingerprint alphabet business cards

Business card designs

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