40 Creative Print Ads Displaying Food and Drink

40 Creative Print Ads Displaying Food and Drink

Creative Advertisements are something we do not get so see that often, there are many sites showing creative ads from various parts of the world and it is very interesting to see the creativity put by designers to sell things and make consumers look at it. The reason behind the creativity would also serve as a viral marketing where a consumer who has little or no interest about the product but will talk about the advertisement if he likes it. This will create a word of mouth advertising also, this is a very important factor about creating a advertisement that is more appealing and effective. Print advertising sometimes receives very low results and hence being creative is a cool idea. In this post Creative advertisements for food and drink we have listed 40 cool creative ads that look amazing and very cool. This post will serve as an inspiration for new designers to create the advertisement where photoshop is involved creatively.

1)  Danone Actimel: The Winter Is Milder














2)  Cocoa Metro:Chocolate Bar Poster Campaign













3)  A Vegetarian Mindtrip:La Shaakahari














4)  Discover Africa’s Spiciest Secret













5)  Always Wins:Gatorade













6)  Chicken:McCormick













7)  Taj Mahal Curry:McCormick













8)  Fruit Juice Apple:Dos Pinos













9)  The Veggieburger:McDonald’s













10)  Typography Fries:Burger King














11)  Have It Your Way














12)  Always Thirsty:Bounty













13)  Magnifying Glass:Nutrella














14) Délifrance:Ready to Bake at Home









15) Yo Sushi Restaurants:Yo Sushi Tuna














16)  Kraft:Miracle seesaw













17)  Ioli Natural Mineral Water














18)  Clucky Cake:Cake Fairy













19)  Saiwa:Bags Apples













20) J&B:Join The City Remix














21)  Fortune Deli: Mayonnaise














22)  Princesa: Train













23)  Pizza Planet: Tropical Mediterranean













24)  John West: Bear













25)  Liza Salad Dressings: Chicken














26)  A La Farina Patisserie: Always fresh














27)  Calorilight: Chocolate spread














28)  McDonald’s McWrap: Newcomer














29)  Dreher:Refresh the Summer













30)  Eat The Impossible:Gregg’s Jelly














31)  PublicisMojo:Swimming Duck













32)  Flag Australia














33)  Cholula Hot Sauce: Ark













34)  Spoleto: Bad Wolf












35)  McDonald’s Ghost














36)  Atun Mar Bella: Lighthouse














37)  Anchomar: Pelican














38)  One Pizza Two Differentflavors














39)  Cafe 1820














40)  Bubbles Pet Cologne














40 Creative Print Ads Displaying Food and Drink


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