35+ Amazing Photomanipulation Effects

35+ Amazing  Photomanipulation Effects : Photoshop is the most amazing software for working with your images and it inspires everyone to learn it and improve their skills. In this post I have listed some of the best photo manipulations from people around the world. Photomanipulation is a technique where many modifications are done on a image to gain the cool effect, this we can see in creative advertisement and movie posters etc. Going ahead with photomanipulation involves time and dedication and basic skill sets to get started. In this post you can see some of the best photo manipulations from various photoshop experts around the world. It is always to gain inspiration from various sources and it is my habit to make the small advertisements that show up on newspaper and the reason is because they are very simple to look at but when I start making it I feel difficulty in achieving the simple effect,  so it is always good to start with basic photo manipulation and then go ahead with high end photo manipulation when you gain momentum. This is a perfect way to learn photoshop, this post will inspire you to do better. Go ahead and enjoy!


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































35+ Amazing  Photomanipulation Effects

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