30+ Free to use High Quality Icon sets for designers

Icons are essential elements in operating systems and smart phones. Social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter etc. employ a wide range of high quality icons on their web pages to provide a minimalistic and clean user interface. With these icons a website designer can ensure right usage of themes to provide a dynamic feel to his website rather than a static website with no icons.

1)  120 EMBOSSED SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS [ via ] [Download]

A set of shiny embossed icons with a silver boundary provides an in-depth effect to the icon allowing it to be placed on dark and light themes equally. These icons have a great deal of creativity embedded onto to them to ensure best of the user experience.


2) 120 CUTE SOCIAL NETWORKING ICONS [ via ] [ Download]

Cute and squareish-circle icons packs that resemble the MIUI, Ios app architecture is not only appealing but also looks predominate on a web page. These icons can be used to attract attention onto specific portions of the website without creating a clumsy and stagnant effect on the page.


3) HEXAGONAL SOCIAL ICONS [ via ] [Download]

Hexagonal social media icons designed by Zee Que provide a fresh and unique experience to the user. Well arranged set of these icons resembles a beehive. Each icon has the logo of the particular software/feature popping out. This helps the user to distinguish each icon and app logo quickly, guaranteeing faster user experience.


4) RIBBON SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS [ via ] [Download]

Another social media icon pack designed by Zee Que also has an exclusive design layout. Ribbon shaped icons that appear hanging are a great idea for social media sharing icons that are essential on each page of any social website.