25 Excellent Public Awareness Advertisements

Public awareness advertisements: Public awareness is of prime importance for any democracy to function flawlessly. Only when the public are fully aware of their society and turn proactive in resolving key issues a democracy is said to be functioning fair. Any large country or small for that matter usually has issues of its own, and governments take appropriate measures to solve them. Government campaigns and programs are integral to a country’s functioning, but at times especially in countries with diverse geographical profiles and huge population the message might not reach effectively to the intended audience – it is here public awareness advertisements have a role. Public awareness advertisements devised in an effective manner can influence people to a great extent and serve the purpose of educating people. They stir their imagination, enlighten them and initiate them to act towards the message delivered. Devising the right public awareness advertisement that motivates the audience is a great art and involves a lot of brainstorming on the part of the designing agency. Public awareness advertisements are typically devised by the concerned departments of the government themselves or at times outsourced to advertising agencies. And whosoever designs it, the design of the advertisement should be such that it strikes the right chord – it imperatively has to have an appealing theme coupled with the right caption or tagline which carries the message across without a flaw. Here we showcase to you 25 excellent public awareness advertisements which we assume to have the above mentioned attributes and influenced public to a great extent


1) Smoking can kill your eyesight first [Visit]


2) Lung cancer awareness [Visit]


3) Protect yourself from word of mouth [Visit]


4) Lucky one [Visit]


5) 70% of abused children turn into abusive adults [Visit]


6) Cyber-bullying hurts And can end in suicide [Visit]


7) The taste is back to Ukraine [Visit]


8) Life Transplant Foundation [Visit]


9) Each Donation Help to beat The Death [Visit]


10) Internet entertains. But some jokes aren’t funny [Visit]


11) Living Harmony Amnesty International [Visit]


12) Usually, the victim is an innocent Drive cautiously [Visit]


13) We all play a part. When we all slow down, so will our road toll [Visit]


14) Social & Environment [Visit]


15) Hunger kills 2.5 million children every year [Visit]


16) Changing the face of deafness [Visit]


17) Think Your Tenn Life Won’t Change With A Baby [Visit]


18) Save the Children Every Beat Matters [Visit]


19) Poverty [Visit]


20) Is it what you expect to find in the sea [Visit]


21) World Peace Day: Lama or Saddam [Visit]


22) Child abuse leaves indelible damage within [Visit]


23) Deforestation hurts [Visit]


24) Imagine smoking 200 cigarettes in one go [Visit]


25)Organ Donation Something good [Visit]


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