25 Creative Graphic Designers From Around The World 1

25 creative graphic designers from around the world 1:  As the world today is driven towards graphic designs, there are many graphic designers across the globe. Graphic designing is one of the most popular fields in today’s world. Graphic design is a creative form of design where symbols, fonts, images etc. are used to demonstrate an idea or a thought. Graphic designs are widely used across different industries, media, advertising, publication houses, websites etc. being its most commonly used platforms. Graphic design is frequently used in advertising world, both online and print media; it being one of the strongest tool in branding. Graphic design includes usage of symbols, signs, typography and more. It is widely used for creating logos, banners, advertisements, website designs and so on. While creating logos, creative graphic designs are incorporated to enhance the overview of the logo and its impact. In creating banners, graphic designs are used to make the purpose impactful and impressive for audience. In advertisements, graphic designs are used to demonstrate an idea or enhance the features of a product. On the other hand, graphic designs fall in place with website design displaying different features of website and its visual ornamentations. These are different examples of usage of graphic designs. Many talented graphic designers across the globe bring these uses to live. Here is a display of 25 creative graphic designers from around the world with their work. Explore this gallery of 25 creative graphic designers and get inspired to create your own brilliant graphic design.


1) Laquatus


2) Alex Plesovskich


3) Zinkai


4) Modisana


5) Jessica Uzcategui


6) Iulian Nastase


7) Akif Selamoglu


8) Michael Schmid


9) Stoycho Iliev


10) Denny Budi Susetyo


11) Danny Zappa


12) Rens Dekker


13) Matteo Neri


14) Carlos Carvalhar


15) Gormelito


16) Rafał Rola


17) Alexandra Fomicheva


18) Maxime Quoilin


19) Marcos Calamato


20) Tato Toledo


21) Rodrigo Maia


22) Andrea


23) Marc Vila


24) Arkadiusz Radek


25) Kyle Marks


25 creative graphic designers from around the world