25 Brilliant Advertisements For Safe Driving

25 Brilliant advertisements for Safe driving: Safe driving is turning out to be of paramount importance given the exponential growth of population and the number of vehicles along with it. It’s not uncommon for us these days to see a couple of fatal road accidents being reported in the media almost on a daily basis. A WHO (World Health Organization) report in 2010 pointed out that speeding, drunk driving, low use of helmets and disregard to seat belts are the major cause of fatal road accidents. The same report estimated that 40 people under the age of 25 die around the globe every hour in road accidents. The situation is much gross in India where 14 people die every hour in road accidents and the statistics show India surpassed China in deaths caused due to road accidents.  In the US it is estimated that 1 person is killed every 39 minutes by a drunk driver and unfortunately nearly half of all the teenage fatalities are caused by drunk driving. The top 5 states reported to have the highest level of drunken driving fatalities were Texas, Florida, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania.  These statistics show the gravity of road fatalities caused by negligent driving and alludes to the emphasis on safe driving. It is very unfortunate for anyone to lose a family member just because of negligent driving, more so, when a teenager is lost – the grief experienced by the parents is immeasurable. Here we share with you 25 brilliant advertisements that are impactful in educating people about safe driving – hope you will like them and share with your family and friends to spread the awareness of safe driving


1) Don’t Be A Drink Head [Visit]


2) Usually, the victim is an innocent [Visit]


3) Speed Kills. Slow down [Visit]


4) Alcohol impairs your judgement. Plan ahead. Don’t drink and drive [Visit]


5) Violence in traffic starts with words [Visit]


6) He bumped into the pool table [Visit]


7) Do not be apart from who you love Always wear your seat belt [Visit]


8) Flash Before Your Eyes [Visit]


9) Crash testing saves human lives [Visit]


10) If you drive on drugs, you’re out of your mind [Visit]


11) Kill a kid. Kill a family. Slow Down in School Zones [Visit]


12) Don’t talk while he drives [Visit]


13) Texting while driving kills [Visit]


14) Don’t let the drink drive you [Visit]


15) Driving and social media just don’t mix [Visit]


16) Alcohol Cuffs [Visit]


17) Sleep before you drive [Visit]


18) The faster you go, the longer it takes [Visit]


19) One click could change your future. Belt up [Visit]


20) It look small here Slow Down [Visit]


21) Which one of you is behind the wheel Today [Visit]


22) The road is not a war zone. Slow Down [Visit]


23) Do Not Use Smartphone [Visit]


24) The road is no place to Socialise [Visit]


25) Life counts for much. Slow down [Visit]


25 Brilliant advertisements for Safe driving

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