25 Best Brochure Designs Samples

25 best brochure designs samples:  Brochure is a book or a leaflet type that demonstrates the features of a product, service, company and more.  Brochure plays the role of a face to the customers or the clients. Therefore, it is very important to design a creative and effective brochure design in order to serve the purpose. Brochure designs are usually of three-fold and two-fold. However, this varies depending on the length of the content. On the other hand online brochures are usually one-fold brochures. A brochure design typically has a cover page that carries the logo or brand icon of the product or company. A mix use of colors and themes are implemented while keeping it connected with the brand. Beyond the cover page, the inner leaflets two behold a simple design template where the content of brochure lies. From introducing a product to displaying its features and highlighting its benefits, everything is included in the body part. While creating a brochure, people usually get carried away by the design and experiment with host of colors which is not ideal. One needs to make sure that the design of the brochure connects with the brand. More than the design, the color combination and theme should have a reflection of the brand for the users to connect the same with the brand. Here is a display of 25 best brochure designs samples that will help you understand the requirements in a brochure design and provide you better ideas on creating one.


1) Spa Brochure design [Visit]




2) Swiss Style Brochure Template [Visit]


3) Hexagon Brochure [Visit]


4) Axisparts brochure [Visit]


5) IMI Awards Brochure [Visit]


6) Architecture Portfolio [Visit]


7) Yacht Club Brochure [Visit]


8) Annual Report Brochure [Visit]


9) Information Technology Brochure [Visit]


10) Ultra Clean Brochure [Visit]


11) Portfolio Brochure [Visit]


12) Unique Tri-Fold Brochure [Visit]


13) Swiss Series – Landscape A4 Brochure [Visit]


14) Elegant Brochure & Book template landscape [Visit]


15) Professional Corporate Business Brochure [Visit]


16) Ewaan Corporate Brochure [Visit]


17) CirclePharma – Brochure [Visit]


18) MOMO S.A. Brochure [Visit]


19) Southern Color Brochure [Visit]


20) Film and Television Production [Visit]


21) Baobag Brand Identity [Visit]


22) Entre Elles Brochure [Visit]


23) UNI:VERSE Brochure [Visit]


24) Segnalibri Brochure [Visit]


25) Koppl Gabi Brochure [Visit]

26) A4 Trade Brochure [Visit]

25 best brochure designs samples