25 Amazing business card design ideas

With the advent of technology and creativity, business cards today are printed in various designs, pattern and color. Uniquely designed business cards convey a lot to the world about one’s story. Business cards is the means through which one can get introduced to clients/customers and establish a professional relationship. It’s a means of selling oneself in the corporate world and establishing well.Business cards are pictorial representation of one’s business. The cards have the official details of a company, one’s name and designation, contact number, email id, official address and website printed it. Business cards have to be classy, trendy, must leave a lasting impression and create an impact on the receiver.Like few business cards are sawed on thin wooden sheets and the tools used in the carpentry workare printed on them making them unique.Some of the business cards are designed with the product used by the person in the profession thereby depicting the profession visually. For instance, a tattoo professional’s card has ink splashed in it showing that ink is used for making tattoo’s on the body.

Few cards have just their logo printed in ink while few have the symbol embossed on the card giving it a 3 dimensional look and few more are designed as see-through cards. Business cards involve a lot of innovation and creativity. One can design it in anyway and allow the creative thoughts to flow in the cards.They can be designed with graphic designs on one side and the official details on the other side. Metal sheets can be used to cut out the name or profession with designs on the border. Cartoon characters can be used in the card to depict an illustrator’s profession. Water colors, handmade paper can be used in the card to depict a graphic designer’s profession. Few cards are designed with bold or italic fonts while some of them are designed on colorful sheets. Few cards are designed to look like laptops and few are designed to resemble a jeans pant pocket. While some of them are designed like cameras! Be it whichever design,business cards are amazingly designed and they are sure to create an everlasting impression on one’s mind.

1) Business Card Design by Pixelinme [ via ]



2) Business Card Design by Valquiria Rabelo [ via ]



3) Business Card Design by Chez Valois [ via ]



4) Business Card Design by Martin Nicolas Saracco [ via ]



5) Business Card Design by Jennifer Springman [ via ]



6) Business Card Design by Thiago Bellotti [ via ]



7) Business Card Design by Paprika [ via ]



8) Business Card Design by Pedro Campea [ via ]



9) Business Card Design by O’lee Graphiste [ via ]



10) Business Card Design by SLTWTR Creative Agency [ via ]



11) Business Card Design by Andrew Barron [ via ]



12) Business Card Design by Anonymous [ via ]



13) Business Card Design by Bia van Deventer [ via ]



14) Business Card Design by [ via ]



15) Business Card Design by Jorge Alvarez [ via ]



16) Business Card Design by Parquet Nobre [ via ]



17) Business Card Design by Joe White [ via ]



18) Business Card Design by Grigory Belozerov [ via ]



19) Business Card Design by TeYosh TeYosh [ via ]



20) Business Card Design by Tun Ho [ via ]



21) Business Card Design by Martyna Wedzicka [ via ]



22) Business Card Design by Rubens Cantuni [ via ]



23) Business Card Design by Hype & Slippers [ via ]



24) Business Card Design by Colourful Design [ via ]



25) Business Card Design by Pedro Kummel [ via ]