21 Oustanding pictures of Incoming strom clouds

The menacing clouds can be beautiful also! The large swathe it cover and the shapes it take are amazing. As you may have noticed most of the pictures are from USA, the land of storms of all types though there are stunning pictures from other countries included here.

We might want the storms to happen only in open barren lands and beaches where there is no vegetation and population but some of these storms occur over our cities also.

1. En route to Denver, Colorado, USA : Photograph by HALEY LUNA



2. Near Booker, Texas, USA : Photograph by MIKE OLBINSKI

The space-ship shaped cloud near Booker town in Texas might give the feeling that the residents were sucked up by the cloud but the residents were safe a bit far away.



3. Timisora, Romania : Photograph by ERVIN BOER



4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA : Photograph by ROLF MAEDER

The Grand Canyon looks even more spectacular with the lightening and the storm clouds.



5. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA : Photograph by JEFF SMALLWOOD

A huge wave-like disruption over Daytona Beach in Florida may bring back the memories of Asian Tsunami; so are the clouds over Timisora in Romania.



6. South Dakota, USA : Photograph by DAVID KINGHAM



7. Diamond Lake, Washington, USA : Photograph by PHIL SNYDER (Philerooski on Flickr)



8. Off the coast of Bermuda : Photograph by DR. LEN RADIN on Flickr



9. New York City, New York, USA : Photograph by ADNAM ISLAM

The storm clouds gathered over New York City suburb could be frightening however and umbrella can save your day.



10. Near Kalohori, Greece : Photograph by NIKOS KOUTOULAS



11. Jūrmala, Latvia : Photograph by Grozz on Flickr



12. Palm Beach, Florida, USA : Photograph by TREY RATCLIFF

The clouds over Palm Beach in Florida jell well with the surroundings and it accentuates a sense of loneliness and wilderness.



13. Westend, California, USA : Photograph by SANDY REDDING

The thunderstorm shot in Westend, California gives the impression that lightning originates from earth and not from heaven.



14. Wupatki National Monument, Arizona, USA : Photograph by cobalt123 on Flickr



15. Beaver, Utah, USA : Photograph by are you my rik? on Flickr



16. Colorado, USA : Photograph by JAMES INSOGNA

The lightning emanating from the clouds over Colorado is curious for its unusual thickness.



17. Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan : Photograph by MARIUSZ KLUZNIAK on Flickr

The Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan resembles a lot with the Grand Canyon and the impending storm clouds add more terror to the landscape.



18. Australia : Photograph by GARRY @ Vision and Imagination



19. Near Phoenix, Arizona, USA : Photograph by KEVIN DOOLEY



20. Near Crete, Greece : Photograph by CHRISTOS TSOUMPLEKAS



21. Grand Cayman Island : Photograph by Mike Jones (mrjones131 on Flickr

The layers of clouds over Grand Cayman Island illuminated by lightning passing through them can be scary.


These frightening and awesome disturbances from heaven remind us of the power of Nature.