19 Most strange places on the Earth

We all love travelling and exploring new places, it makes us feel happy and in peace. But what if the places you visit turns out to be a nightmare??

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Hoia Baciu forest, Romania –   Hoia baciu forest has a status for paranormal activities. The most phenomena include female voices, orb-like lights, giggling and even cases of people being scratched.



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Mutter Museum, Pennsylvania – This medical museum has got vast collection of 20,000 provocative medical and anatomical study items. You will find abnormal body parts preserved in fluid. The displayed part in the museum makes you eerie.



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Oradour-sur-Glane, France –  A ruined village, was once alive. 642 people were burnt alive in an unexplained act of cruelty. The visitors say that the place looks dead and terrible.



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Jacob’s well Texas- One of the longest underwater caves in Texas. The mouth of well is 400 meter in diameter. It is popular diving spot for thrill seekers, but many have even trapped and lost their lives here.



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Maunsell sea forts, North Sea- Maunsell fort is uninhabited except for smugglers and principality of Sealand. This fort was designed to protect England during World War 2.



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Varosha, Cyprus – Varosha stands frozen displaying how life in Varosha used to bloom once.



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Leap castle, Ireland- One of the most haunted castles in the world. Visitors have even reported a strong sense of anxiety and feeling of being followed.



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Jatinga, India- If you got pet birds, keep them away from Jatinga, as every year from the month of September to October there are massive bird suicides at the same place.



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San Zhi Resort, Taiwan – San Zhi resort was completely abandoned when the resort was still under constructed and many unusual deaths started taking place.



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The Catacombs, Paris- Millions of dead bodies are cemetery in catacombs but still there is also a non-tourist section because its illegal second city extends for miles beneath Paris.



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Wonderland, china – Half built Wonder Park which was supposed to be constructed bigger than Disneyland which remained a dream only and never opened for public. Sources say there were lot of legal problems let this project closed.



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Akodessewa Fetish Market, Togo- All parts of animals are available in this market. Many people believe using animal parts can invoke spirits with their rituals and solve then their problems.



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Cincinnati’s Subway System, Ohio- This is most scary abandoned tunnel which is long, dark and horrifying.



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Kryziu kalnas, the hill of crosses, Lithuania a pilgrimage where many people have witnessed several strange things happening on that place



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Kabayan mummy caves, the Philippines- Mummy caves can be creepy enough, but Kabayan in the ghost town of Philippines is the reason for abandonment and makes the place not only creepy but hazardous.



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Muynak, Uzbekistan- Deserted Muynak was once a fishing port, which is now said to be haunted.



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Centralia, Pennsylvania- Also known as ‘ghost town’ this place had been once caught on fire that had spread to coal mine. Still the coal fire has been underground burning. Isn’t it strange?



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Island of the dolls, Mexico- Manmade Island is this is world’s strangest tourist attraction which is the current home of several scary defaced dolls. The dolls appear frightening even during day time.



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The door of hell Turkmenistan – This cavern has been burning for 40 years, it is due to larger amount of the gases beneath the earth’s surface. Government tries to avoid tourist to visit there.


If you are an adventurous person, then these places are definitely for you, but hold on- ‘VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK’.