17 Incredible places around the world you would definitely want to visit

Travelogues and travel shows on the television have opened the world up for us and made armchair travellers out of us. They have succeeded in familiarizing us with the best known of tourist destinations and shown the best sights to be had in each of them. Many of the famous monuments are now visually recognizable and we have become acquainted with the people and their languages, their cultural underpinnings – clothes, food, music, arts, crafts and leisure activities. We are so comfortable now with the ‘strange’ that ‘culture shock’ on visiting new places is passé for most travelers.

Package tours or leisurely independent rambling – if we have the money, time and inclination – we know how to pick our destinations and precisely what we want to include in our itinerary. We have the knowledge to pick the sights we want to see based on our taste and inclination – nature lovers, lovers of gardens and flowers, aficionados of man made marvels, thrill seekers or possessors of adventurous souls.

We all have a bucket list of things we would like to do, places we would want to see – some of us are fortunate enough to indulge our passions and loves. Here is one person’s list of places that should not be missed in this life – some are nature showing off its best efforts as in the forests, waterfalls and sunsets, some are purely man made such as beautiful towns on the hillside or a cityscape you navigate by its waterways and some where man has tried to order nature to his taste as in the lavender fields and the wisteria garden.

1) The Skógafoss waterfall in southern Iceland via



2) The town of Colmar in Northeast France via



3) The Lavender Fields in Provence, France via



4) The night sky over the Indian Ocean via



5) Bern, the capital of Switzerland via



6) The Kawachi wisteria garden in Kitakyushu, Japan via



7) Catching the sunrise at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC via



8) The Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine via



9) The Wulong Karst, a natural landscape located in China via



10) This forrest somewhere in Japan via



11) The Shiprock inselberg in New Mexico via



12) The National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC via



13) The sunset in Fjällbacka, Sweden via



14) The Landmannalaugar region in Iceland via



15) The Japanese Garden of Portland via



16) This waterfall somewhere near the town of Oguni in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan  via



17) This Aspen Forest in Colorado via1 via2